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An apple a day keeps the doctor away – 30 day summer challenge 2017

Now, I have to exercise and go on a diet, as I will soon have my annual general check up.
Last year, I was weighed at the clinic while wearing my clothes, but the nurse didn’t subtract any amount from the result. So, my weight was heavier than usual. 🤔 Depending on the clinic, they do like it that, though….Then, I thought I will schedule my exam during spring or summer this year, wearing very thin and light clothes. But it’s already early summer now, my body needs to be toned quickly! So, I started to exercise while studying English. Actually, I wrote this while stretching my legs. 😆

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Kindle my fire


Finally, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite 32GB Manga model for 48% off on Amazon on Cyber Monday which was from 6th to 12 Dec 2016 in Japan. This Paperwhite Manga model might sell only in Japan, for now. I guess many Japanese like to read Manga (= comics)  more than people other countries, so Amazon Japan started to sell this model in Japan. It’s more expensive  (2000 yen or $18) than Paperwhite, but it has 8 times more GB. Actually, I wanted to get a Kindle fire HD8, as well. I couldn’t make up my mind between the Kindle Paperwhite or Fire HD8. I thought why do I need to get a Kindle? I wanted to get it to read and study many books in English. If I get a Fire, I think I would watch Amazon videos more than would read books. And I decided on this paperwhite after Amazon started to sell this Manga model in Japan.

Anyway, I‘ve been using this kindle a few days so far. The best point for me is “word-wise” for me. It shows a description for difficult words that I can see anytime. The description is written in small print above the word. So if there are many unknown words in the text, I don’t need to open the dictionary every time. Besides, if I know most of the words in the text, I can change the setting to describe fewer words.

The book that I read on the kindle for the first time is “The Walking Dead 1”.  This is a graphic novel, which on the Kindle I can view by page or by each individual frame. I’m not a comics fan at all, but If there are some interesting comics in English, it’s a good way for me to improve my language skills. The pictures might help me to better understand the written words. Anyway, I want to read a lot of books in English. But I wonder can I do it? 🤔

New words:
(   ) = Parentheses
graphic novel = Manga

After lazy holiday


My holiday finished and English class restarted. This holiday was two weeks long. I mainly studied English by myself for my first week assignment. But I was lazy  the second week. I recognized again one of my weak points. I’m bad at studying by myself. I just watched English movies with Japanese subtitles and Youtube in English.

After my holiday, English class started. My teacher’s new room was very interesting. There were a lot of tools woods and a fireplace. I especially like fireplaces. When I looked at the fire, I felt warm and cozy. When I traveled to Scotland a few years ago, I chose a hotel room with a fireplace…but it was a fake electronic fire, and I was disappointed. 😦
Teacher X opened class from a new location and had a fire going in the woodstove one class. I learned many new words: hack saw, hatchet, kindling, etc. Thank you!

During my first class after the holiday, teacher X asked me, “How about your blog?” . I should have written a few new drafts for my blog, I’ve noticed just now.  It’s easy to slack off for days at a time. One day,  I couldn’t leave my sofa, I was covered with a lot of cushions. I felt guilty.  😓   I wonder if I should try to take an English exam.

The season is changing from autumn to winter. Sometimes the days are rainy. I haven’t gone bicycling and  I haven’t hung from a horizontal bar. But I don’t have much sugar, I still eat healthy foods. My weight range is getting narrower than before. I don’t gain too much weight, anymore. So, I won’t stop this diet, it makes it easy to maintain my weight. I want to lose a little bit more weight, though. I think I have to do more exercise. I wonder what should I do to consistently keep exercising, no matter the situation, weather and my physical condition.

Insane?? It’s worth a try.

I’m still eating healthy food. I still go cycling and hanging from the horizontal bar on days without rain. Recently the weather hasn’t been good, though. But I’m losing weight little by little. But vegetables are more expensive now than before. I guess because of rain. I often eat vegetables from other countries. Their prices haven’t increased lately. I buy avocados from Mexico, asparagus from Australia, pumpkin from New Zealand, oranges, grapefruits and broccoli from the U.S., and canned tomatoes and pasta from Italy, and so on. Thank you to all these countries!
And nearby supermarket recently had a sale on onions. There are a lot of onions in my house now. I read a blog about onions lately. I enjoyed it, especially the beautiful picture and the bullet points about onions and their benefits. I‘ve realized again that onions are healthy.

By the way, recently, I tried a new type of physical conditioning while practicing English. Basically it is me talking to myself in English while hanging from the horizontal bar. It might be efficient. So far I’ve only tried it one time. I talked to myself while I was hanging on the horizontal bar, “What am I doing?” and then I quickly dropped. I only lasted a few seconds.
Normally, I can’t make English sentences quickly, and I can’t hang down for a long time, neither. But I will talk to myself using a different English sentence next time. I will continue to practice by talking to myself while on this Autumn break. I have a vacation from English lessons. I want to surprise teacher X after vacation. 😀

New words:
Singular → Plural
Avocado → Avocados
broccoli → broccoli.    “No, broccolis!!  Why???”

bullet points = important, short sentences
internally rotated
horizontal ⇔ vertical

Comment (Not corrected):
If anyone sees me and might think “She’s insane.” I should say it when nobody is around me.
↓ It’s been a while since I’ve eaten salad. I took a picture my breakfast.

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A party alone

Today, I talked with my friend. It was just girl talk. She said, “A long time ago, I used to have fun drinking and watching movies.” So I tried it tonight, I had to do a few assignments for tomorrow’s class, though.😅

This was the first time I drank beer since I started my 2 week diet. I drank YEBISU premium black by Suntory. I choose it when I want to celebrate something. The color is black and it has a roasted taste. I drank a few ships sips and it felt like it was sinking in throughout my body. My head became dizzy quickly.

I ate dinner two hours before I began drinking. I usually don’t drink a lot, for example, only one glass of tequila (20ml) mixed with sparkling water (150ml) and and fresh squeezed lemon juice. So I don’t usually get drunk.
But today, I’m already sleepy, and my beer can is still half full. If someone saw me they might think I had drunk a lot of alcohol. I couldn’t move at all, I got sleepy. I thought would be better to drink  with my friend than alone. After my two weeks diet, I guess I might not be able to drink as much as before.

pdd5 dinner

Post-diet: Added food: a few slices rye bread for brunch and freeze-dried tofu (=Koya-dofu) for dinner
Brunch: Imaginary frittata, salad and rye bread
Dinner: A bowl with rare yellow tail tuna topped with avocado, red bell pepper and nori strips.
Snack: Some nuts with cheese and coffee
Energy: Good // Sleep: Good // Feel: Good

Teacher X sometimes asks me, “Did you get a comment?” I always said, “No, my blog is not popular.” But a few days ago, I said to him proudly, “I got a good comment on my blog.” I was happy to be able to say this. 😀
I’m a little bit shy, but if there is a comment on my blog, I will reply back when possible. 🙂

New words:
STAT = immediately

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When is it good for I cut loose?

I checked how much money I spent for this diet.
New items or things I bought much more than usual:
A lot of meat, unprocessed (real) cheese, heavy cream, tomato juice, bonito flakes and konbu (a kind of kelp) = It is used for Japanese soup stock (= dashi).
Things I didn’t buy:
Fruits, bread, rice, yogurt, milk, beans, processed meat and cheese, bouillon cubes/powder, prepared foods and junk food…etc
Same as usual:
Seasonal vegetables, eggs…etc

Unprocessed (real) cheese and unprocessed meat are more expensive than the processed varieties. The Japanese soup that I make from scratch is more expensive than when I use soup powder. And I didn’t buy many kinds of pre-made foods such as dressing, sauce or ready-made meals.

In the end, I spent almost the same amount of money as usual.  I was surprised and I noticed how much money I  waste to buying processed foods and junk food.  After this diet, I think I will buy fruits, yogurt, beans and some processed foods. So I think I might spend a little bit more money than before on healthy foods, and I might spend more time planning and cooking meals as well.

I discovered another thing. When I cook something I don’t add much sugar, but many processed foods already have sugar in them.  I didn’t care before.
And after this diet I noticed, in my case, although I ate a lot more meat and nuts than usual, but I didn’t gain fat. I was surprised.

Enduring not eating carbs made me shout “I need carbs!” in my dream. 😴  But I learned about good foods and related English words. Besides I enjoyed the process. I want to learn English in this way again. And I think I want to have as much good food as I can. But… I want to cut loose and have junk food and beer once in a while. I wonder when that will be?  😋

Post-diet: Today’s added food 3: 100g rice
11a Brunch: Rice, sautéed pork and asparagus, carrot and beans salad, half an orange cut into four slices
5:30p Dinner: Tofu(=Hiya-yakko), sautéed vegetables and deep-fried bean curd(= Abura-age)
Snack: Some nuts with edam cheese and coffee

Exercise: I didn’t do exercise at all. 😅

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