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Nervous Nellie

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The interview test is over!
It was first come first serve. I got there 20 minutes early and was the 2nd examinee in line. I checked in, turned off my smartphone, put it in a bag provided by the staff, and hung it around my neck. I guess to prohibit recording. I have never hung my phone from my neck, so it felt heavy and it was very annoying. Continue reading


Reviving Nagoya Castle

In 1610, Nagoya Castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was the first Shogun (overall military leader of Japan) in the Edo period, and one of the most famous samurai lords in Japanese history. The height of the castle is 36.1m. The total floor area is the largest of all the castles in Japan.

Nagoya Castle Honnmaru

Left: Honmaru Palace // Right: Castle Tower

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1. Chugging a beer

The Buzzed Ghost: Lesson 1
E: A long time ago, a woman lived in the city.
Z: She lived in a basement under the brewery.
E: She worked in the brewery.
Z: The problem was she kept drinking the beer while she worked.
E: She loved drinking beer.
Z: One day the boss walked in and saw her shagging chugging a beer.
E: She didn’t excused herself make an excuse for chugging the beer she just say because I love beer.
Z: The boss got very angry and his face turned red.
E: The boss said “you want to quit this job?”
Z: She said, “why don’t you just chill out and join me for a beer.”
To be continued…

I made a terrible mistake. When I wrote down what I hear had heard, I had wrote ‘shagging’, I couldn’t listen hear chugging correctly. I didn’t know both either words. My face burned with shame. 😲  😳  😅