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The negotiator


Lately, I sometimes negotiate with my teacher. Because my teacher was busy and our classes were not as frequent as usual. One day he completely forgot a class, being so tired. It was the first time, though. But he needed to give me five free classes. After that, my teacher frequently canceled English classes. Finally, my teacher said….

“I‚Äôd like to apologize for my flakiness and for being untrustworthy last week. My excuse is that I was very busy, but things should be back to normal now.”
Me: “And?”ūüėź
My teacher: ūüėĪ”How many free classes do you want?”

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Greatest hits 2016

The 3 best things which happened to me in 2016
3. I was able to change a bad situation into a great situation.
2. I made this blog and keep writing in English.
1. I have a fantastic teacher.

What was your favorite event this year?


I’m learning using my favorite stuff.

Looking back on my English classes in 2016
I had a lot of good classes in 2016. Sometimes I had a runny¬†nose,¬†my stomach hurt, and I didn’t wear makeup, ūü§ß ūü§Ę ūü§§ etc.¬†And then I learned what I should say in English during these types of events.¬†Although, it was sometimes¬†embarrassing,¬†I was able to ask anything in teacher X’s class.¬†But when adult students learn a language,¬†these things are as important to learn as grammar.

Usually, our classes are during the daytime in my country,¬†I often see the dark night through the teacher’s window. But sometimes, I took a¬†night class in my time. I got up very early at 1 am or 3 am,¬†when it was still dark¬†outside of my window.¬†But it wasn’t so difficult¬†for me,¬†because on the teacher’s side of Skype it looked like an early morning as if I was traveling abroad. And then I saw afternoon light through the window of the teacher’s room, and my teacher showed me¬†outside, as well.¬†At that time, I again knew we were in different times and places. It was so exciting. It¬†felt¬†like a field trip, too!
One class, my teacher ate some cashews. Of course, he knew I was on a diet, but I put up with him eating them.¬†In another class, while drinking from the bottle, he lied to me saying¬†“It’s not beer, just a root beer.”
It’s okay, though, my teacher and I can drink anything during our English class.¬†As long as my teacher can still speak clearly.
Anyway, I enjoyed learning English for the first time this last year.
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Report card 2016

This is my resolution for 2016, regarding English
1.   Improve my general speaking skills
1-1. Use the correct tense: past, present, future, etc…
1-2. Don‚Äôt forget to put the ‚Äėverb‚Äô in a sentence.
1-3. Use correct prepositions.
2.   Answer not in only one word, but using complete sentences.
3.   Improve my listening skills, repeating skills, and using various replies.

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Christmas 2016


I love the Christmas season. In Japan, Christmas isn’t a holiday. But this year, it’s on Sunday. December 23rd is a national holiday every year. So I guess some people have a 3 day holiday this year. This season is cold, but there is no snow except in Hokkaido and North of Japan. So I often wish it would snow.

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Adventure: The snow covered road




I drove my car to a¬†mountain road,¬†the¬†snow was getting piling up, and then in the middle of the road there was a sign saying ‘road closed’. I had to turn back there. But I enjoyed driving.

It’s cold and sometimes snow in winter, but I like this season. When I see snowy, I feel Santa Claus might be somewhere nearby. When I was a child, I didn’t know who Santa was. My parent‘s¬†never told me about him. They might be smart.¬†ūü§Ē
I wish Santa Claus could come to my home. I’m an adult, though. I wonder if I put out a cup of sake and some snacks….. ūüć∂

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I learned in this class that Santa lives in the North Pole.¬†ūüėģ
Did you know that??

New words:
snowy = adjective of snow
snow = verb and noun


Kindle my fire


Finally, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite¬†32GB Manga model for 48% off on Amazon on¬†Cyber Monday which was from 6th to 12 Dec 2016 in Japan. This Paperwhite Manga model might sell only in Japan, for now. I guess many Japanese like to read Manga (= comics) ¬†more than people¬†other countries, so Amazon Japan started to sell this model in Japan. It’s more expensive ¬†(2000 yen or $18) than Paperwhite, but it has 8 times more¬†GB. Actually, I wanted to get a Kindle¬†fire HD8, as well. I couldn’t make up my mind¬†between the Kindle Paperwhite or Fire HD8. I thought why do I need to get a Kindle? I wanted to get it to read and¬†study many books in English. If I get a Fire, I think I would watch Amazon videos more than would read¬†books. And I decided¬†on this paperwhite after Amazon started to sell this Manga model in Japan.

Anyway, I‘ve¬†been¬†using this kindle a few days so far. The best point for me is “word-wise” for me. It shows¬†a description for difficult words that I can see anytime.¬†The description is written in small print above the word.¬†So if there are many unknown words in the text,¬†I don’t need¬†to open the dictionary every time.¬†Besides, if I know most of the words in the text, I can change the setting to describe fewer words.

The book that I read on the kindle for the first time is “The Walking Dead 1”. ¬†This is a graphic novel, which on the Kindle I can view by page or by each individual frame.¬†I’m not a¬†comics fan at all, but If there are some interesting comics in English,¬†it’s a good way for me to improve my language skills.¬†The pictures might help me to better understand the written words.¬†Anyway, I want to read a lot of books in English. But I wonder can I do it?¬†ūü§Ē

New words:
(   ) = Parentheses
graphic novel = Manga

After lazy holiday


My holiday finished and English class restarted. This holiday was two weeks long. I mainly studied English by myself for my first week assignment. But I was lazy  the second week. I recognized again one of my weak points. I’m bad at studying by myself. I just watched English movies with Japanese subtitles and Youtube in English.

After¬†my holiday, English¬†class started. My teacher‚Äôs new room was very interesting. There were a lot of tools woods and a fireplace. I especially like fireplaces. When I looked at the fire, I felt warm and cozy. When I traveled to Scotland a few years ago, I chose a hotel room with a fireplace…but it was a fake electronic fire,¬†and I was disappointed. ūüė¶
Teacher X opened class from a new location and had a fire going in the woodstove one class. I learned many new words: hack saw, hatchet, kindling, etc. Thank you!

During my first class after the¬†holiday, teacher X asked me, “How about your blog?” . I should have written a few new drafts¬†for my blog, I’ve noticed just now. ¬†It’s easy to slack off for¬†days at a time. One day, ¬†I couldn’t leave my sofa, I was covered with a lot of cushions. I felt guilty. ¬†ūüėď ¬† I wonder if I should try to take an English exam.

The season is changing from autumn to winter. Sometimes the days are rainy.¬†I haven’t gone bicycling and¬† I haven’t hung from a horizontal bar. But I don’t have much¬†sugar, I still eat healthy¬†foods. My weight range is getting narrower than before. I don’t gain too much weight, anymore. So, I won’t stop this diet, it makes it easy to maintain my weight.¬†I want to lose a little bit more weight, though. I think I have to do more exercise. I wonder what should I do to consistently keep exercising,¬†no matter the situation, weather and my physical condition.