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3. Adventures in nature

My memorable trips to experience nature


3-1: I tried to find a wild platypus in Australia.
3-2: I went stargazing on top of Mauna Kea Mountain on Hawaii island.
3-3: I found the Southern Cross on Bora Bora Island.
3-4: I snorkeled for the first time in my life on the coast of Bali

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My memorable trips so far: 1. Location tours

What kind of adventure do I want to have next? I remembered and listed my most memorable trips so far, by category.
*Not in order of favorites

1: Location tours
1-1: I went on the location tour for LOST on Oahu island in Hawaii.
1-2: I went to the Harry Potter location tour in London.

LOST tour
↑ The restroom for actors and staff

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Stand by for my next adventure!

Lately, I haven’t had enough motivation to study English. So, I was going to make an adventure list in English. But before I did it, I found a movie “Stand By Me” on Amazon video, so I watched it to practice listening to English. I’d watched this movie a long time ago. I’d  forgotten the ending of the story but I remembered it was about an adventure by some boys and the songs were quite good. But since I’d watched before I thought I might understand the English in the movie.

After I watched the movie, I thought I really liked it, it is my favorite type of movie.

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Time to Haiku 13

Hawaii sunset

take just 10 seconds

starving for comfort at times

just holding me tight


Comment (Not corrected):
This haiku is relating my previous article. → “A hugger in a hugless land.

Blast from the past: old-time rural Japan

shirakawagou 0

Here is Shirakawa-go. This settlement is one of the world heritage sites in Japan. These houses have roofs made of thatch. Some of the buildings have been made into visitor accommodations. The town is located in a heavy snow area, and I visited during winter. So I brought my rubber boots and thick gloves in the car. But I didn’t need to put them on, because it wasn’t cold and the roads of the village were cleared of snow. I was walking with my camera for a few hours.

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Time to Haiku 10


drops softly falling

control is an illusion

rain as well as life



The day mimicking a photographer

I went to the Amaharashi coast over the weekend. The bay is famous for its views because we can see the ocean and 3000m-class mountains from the coast. However, there are many cloudy and rainy or snowy days compared to other areas in Japan, so we can’t see the sights clearly many days. But last Saturday the weather was good and when I left my home I could see the Big Dipper in the dark sky. When I arrived at the coast, there were already many photographers on the beach, their camera lenses were super big and they used giant tripods. And they were also wearing rubber boots. I thought they were perfectly equipped for this photo spot. I took a small camera without a tripod and wore a pair of sneakers, obviously, I was a visitor.

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