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I’m sometimes confused, but I like it

When I travel for many days to countries where the cost of living is high, I often think ‘how do I enjoy as much as possible while saving money.’ Anyway, I prefer this kind of travel over extravagant trips. This time, although I went to Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 as a visitor, I didn’t buy a passport (2,500yen). But I enjoyed myself mainly viewing free art exhibits for the whole day. This is my best kind of day. 🙂

Honestly, I almost copied and pasted all of each art exhibit explanation from the official page. Because I often don’t completely understand even if I read the explanation of what the art is. 😅 But I like art, unique and cool things…

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Stand by for my next adventure!

Lately, I haven’t had enough motivation to study English. So, I was going to make an adventure list in English. But before I did it, I found a movie “Stand By Me” on Amazon video, so I watched it to practice listening to English. I’d watched this movie a long time ago. I’d  forgotten the ending of the story but I remembered it was about an adventure by some boys and the songs were quite good. But since I’d watched before I thought I might understand the English in the movie.

After I watched the movie, I thought I really liked it, it is my favorite type of movie.

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Let’s go couch surfing now, everybody’s learning how….

On Saturday morning, all of the sudden, my housemate said, “a Europian woman sent an email. She wants to stay here on Sunday’s night. ”
“What?” I said.
He had registered for Couch Surfing (couchsurfing.com). I knew he wanted to do it, but I thought he hadn’t registered for it yet. Because he hadn’t readied a room for visitors. So, I was super surprised. 😵

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Happy anniversary to me!

One year has passed since I started writing this blog. 🎉   This is the first time I’ve been able to continue posting on a social network for a long period of time. So far, although I’ve had several social network accounts, I couldn’t continue them. Because it always became a pain in the butt after a few posts.

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Journey in a box


I like traveling but can’t frequently go on trips, so instead I sometimes like to observe the movement of packages I’ve sent using the tracking system of the international postal service. Because when I watch it, although I’m a little worried, I’m also excited because I feel it’s like the package takes me the trip abroad.
First, it might go through a few local post offices before arriving at an international post in Japan, then it will depart from there.
At this point, I think I want to board the airplane with the package. 📦 😀  ✈️  

Anyway, it will ride in an airplane with others, arrive at the destination country’s international post, go through customs and be sent out for further delivery. Next, it will go through a few local post offices. Finally, it goes out for delivery to the final destination.  

After that, I want to know the condition of the package inside and out. And if it’s almost the same as when I sent it, finally, I am relieved.
I want to go on the adventure like the package. ✈️  

Me versus Gravity

Weekly exercises:
I went bicycling for 45 min. Halfway into my ride I stopped at a park to exercise. I do this three times a week. I did a new exercise there today. I was hanging from a horizontal bar, but only for 10 seconds. It was difficult to hold myself up. I realized my body is heavy. I should lose around 5 kg. My hands might develop calluses. But I will swing from the bar next time.
Teacher X said, ”Did you do a pull-up?” I said, “Of cause not!”I thought there is no way I can do it. But if I could do it, I might be cool.
Every journey begins with a single step.” teacher X taught me. Although he usually uses a lot of sarcasm, sometimes he tells me good things too. I like this sentence.

By the way, I told one of my friends, “I’m on a diet.” He said, “Why?” Thank you for telling me “Why?”. I’m glad but I want to tone my body, like athletes, for example the women wrestlers from the last Olympic Games.💪

Weekly English classes:
A new week has started. But teacher X looked very tired during our first session of the week. He said he could sleep only two hours the night before. He was brain-dead. Besides, his dog was barking, she may have been grumpy. And then he looked more tired. He tried to concentrate on our English session. But he said, “Today’s class is for free.” Lucky for me! Even though he was so tired, I learned some new English expressions. Thank you! 😁

New words:
lack of sleep = we don’t get enough sleep
stinky = smells bad
e.g. His dog was stinky.
e.g. = for example

I put a new system on my computer. It’s called ‘Grammarly’ and is a free grammar checker. While I write English sentences it corrects them. It’s worked well for me so far.  Although teacher X might tell me “You’re cheating.” 😅

Comment 2 (Not corrected):
As I thought, he said, “Cheater!”  But I told him honestly.😬 But even though I used this system, I still made a lot of mistakes….. I really want to speak English. I wonder if I should drive myself into a wall. I want to go somewhere I can’t use my native language. 🤔


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