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An apple a day keeps the doctor away – 30 day summer challenge 2017

Now, I have to exercise and go on a diet, as I will soon have my annual general check up.
Last year, I was weighed at the clinic while wearing my clothes, but the nurse didn’t subtract any amount from the result. So, my weight was heavier than usual. 🤔 Depending on the clinic, they do like it that, though….Then, I thought I will schedule my exam during spring or summer this year, wearing very thin and light clothes. But it’s already early summer now, my body needs to be toned quickly! So, I started to exercise while studying English. Actually, I wrote this while stretching my legs. 😆

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Passing through the first gateway

The result was not very good. But I passed! 😀
Report in detail of my result = total 26/33 points
Reading: 4/5
Q & A: 20/25
Attitude: 2/3
My Q and A result was not bad but the attitude score was not good. I had thought if examinees answered something naturally and with a smile, the examiner would give a perfect score for attitude in the 2nd grade interview. Although maybe I was nervous, I think tried to tell the examiner the answer with a smile even if I couldn’t speak fluently. My face looked strained😬

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Nervous Nellie

Green tree1

The interview test is over!
It was first come first serve. I got there 20 minutes early and was the 2nd examinee in line. I checked in, turned off my smartphone, put it in a bag provided by the staff, and hung it around my neck. I guess to prohibit recording. I have never hung my phone from my neck, so it felt heavy and it was very annoying. Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions 2017

My New Year’s resolutions 2017
-1. Keep my weight at 🙂 Kg, plus or minus 2.5 Kg.
-2. Post over 50 blogs on ‘How to speak “Em”erican’.
-3. Make a good friend using English, I wish he or she will be one of my best friends.
-4. Read over 4 books in English on my Kindle.
-5. Take an English examination
-6.Think about my next adventure

New Year’s resolutions 2017, regarding English by Teacher X
-1. Master subject – verb agreement
-2. Master using articles (direct and indirect)
-3. Listening comprehension = 75%
-4. Increase vocabulary
-5. Pass English exam
-6. Travel to English speaking country and survive using only English

I think my teacher hit the nail on the head with the above resolutions. I wanted to accomplish all of these in 2016, but I couldn’t. This upcoming year I’ll do my best, but before I start let me make a few excuses….It’s quite difficult for me because…

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