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Judge a book by its cover

6 art 2017-2

In Japan, there are some art festivals, for example, Art Setouchi (Triennale) and Echigo Tsumari Art Field. I like going to them, so I’ve been to both several times.
Now, Japan Alps Art Festival 2017 is being held from June 4th to July 31st at Omachi in Japan. There are about 30 pieces of art in this festival. The pieces of art vary widely, some are inside and some outside, and are from small to huge. Visitors can buy a passport, which allows them to see all the art, for 2500 yen, but they can also see some of the art for free.

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Kindle my fire


Finally, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite 32GB Manga model for 48% off on Amazon on Cyber Monday which was from 6th to 12 Dec 2016 in Japan. This Paperwhite Manga model might sell only in Japan, for now. I guess many Japanese like to read Manga (= comics)  more than people other countries, so Amazon Japan started to sell this model in Japan. It’s more expensive  (2000 yen or $18) than Paperwhite, but it has 8 times more GB. Actually, I wanted to get a Kindle fire HD8, as well. I couldn’t make up my mind between the Kindle Paperwhite or Fire HD8. I thought why do I need to get a Kindle? I wanted to get it to read and study many books in English. If I get a Fire, I think I would watch Amazon videos more than would read books. And I decided on this paperwhite after Amazon started to sell this Manga model in Japan.

Anyway, I‘ve been using this kindle a few days so far. The best point for me is “word-wise” for me. It shows a description for difficult words that I can see anytime. The description is written in small print above the word. So if there are many unknown words in the text, I don’t need to open the dictionary every time. Besides, if I know most of the words in the text, I can change the setting to describe fewer words.

The book that I read on the kindle for the first time is “The Walking Dead 1”.  This is a graphic novel, which on the Kindle I can view by page or by each individual frame. I’m not a comics fan at all, but If there are some interesting comics in English, it’s a good way for me to improve my language skills. The pictures might help me to better understand the written words. Anyway, I want to read a lot of books in English. But I wonder can I do it? 🤔

New words:
(   ) = Parentheses
graphic novel = Manga

Rumpelstiltskin: book review

I read Rumpelstiltskin in English in Online-English class.
When I read Rumpelstiltskin the story for the first time, I thought he Rumpelstiltskin was a poor person. Although he spun straw into a lot of gold in three times by with his magic, he got only got her neckless daughter’s necklace and her ring. For The third time, she promised him he had her promise that if she should become the Queen, she would give him her first child, and for that he once more span the straw into gold. He made some gold but he didn’t snatch away it When the daughter became queen and had her first child he didn’t immediately snatch it away from her. Because when he knew the Queen began to weep and cry, so that he felt pitied for her and gave her another chance. It was if by three days’s time you find out my name, then shall you keep your childHe said that if she could find out his name in three days she could keep the child.
And then the queen found out his name. He kept his words and he didn’t get take her first child. But he was frustrated and got angry, so he lost his left by himself got his right leg stuck in the ground, and ripped himself in half trying to pull himself free. After I read this story, I didn’t know whether he was a bad person or not.  Because I couldn’t find his wickedness and falsehood. I felt he had a gentleness in this story, too.
I probably thought think I didn’t grasp all the nuance of English  English of the sentences in the story. I thought I was surprised that this Original Grim’s story was horror and so gory and horrific, Because Rumpelstiltskin’s leg teared off as Rumpelstilskin ripped himself in half with his terrible anger in the last scene. Grimm’s story development was surprised me again!

Warm and Fussy

Hank and Edith: Lesson 10
Previous story
E: Hank shouted, “He was. He’s the one that bit me, Edith ran run away!” Edith looked back at them and said, “Don’t worry. He is a new friend.” Edith told Count Nutter as well, “You don’t won’t bite him anymore, do you will you?” Count Nutter looked at Edith and he nodded, and then he eyed Hank up and down and he gave a giggle. Hank became grumpy and there was an awkward silence for a few moments. But Hank’s stomach sounds broke it. Edith said, “Sit down Hank, Let’s have branch brunch together!”
Z: Hank reluctantly sat down at the table.  He glared back at the squirrel.  He did not trust that it would not try and bite his neck again. “What are you?” Hank asked the strange creature.
E: Count Nutter put down the knife and folk fork on the tablehe and held out his hand. Edith put some pancakes on the table, looked at both, she and smiled happily. Hank’s mind easily got warm by it. Hank’s heart was warmed by her face.  Hank put out his right hand, and the shook hands. they exchanged handshakes.
“I’m Count Nutter. I’m living with a guy named Tyler and a woman named Em in the a huge house in the west of this country.”
Z: “It’s great to meet you,” replied Hank in a friendly tone, “my name is Hank and I’m Edith’s next door neighbor.”
to be continued..?

I wanted to write about elderly people’s life lives. They have a lot of experience, it might show on their face, body and in their character. In this story, they are in their 70’s, healthy, and they are sometimes in love with her or him each other too. When I saw see old couples walking hand in hand, my heart is quickly warming warms. When I was am an old woman, I would will likely have almost of all glay gray hair, a lot of wrinkles, and my body might be more sagging saggy than in my youth. But I want to be in love with someone. I should hope to be a pretty old woman, inside and out. 😊

reluctantly = with hesitation = unwillingly
glared = very strong stare, almost angry
eased = stress goes down
e.g. Hank’s mind was eased by her warm expression.
extend = The opposite word is contract.
Hank extended his right hand.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Hank and Edith: Lesson 9
Previous story
E: Hank pointed at her backyard, and Edith stared there and said,  causing Edith to look and say, “No, was someone looking at you from back there?” As soon as she turned back and see to around to face Hank, the squirrel stared to at Hank again, and then it went to Hank’s backyard.
Z: Hank cried, “Oh, No! My dog is chained up in my backyard! I need to go back to my place immediately to find out what that spooky squirrel is up to! “
E: Hank run ran to his backyard and looked at his dog. She didn’t wag her tail but she was good. He removed the chain, hold held her, and take took her to Edith’s house.
Z: While he was walking he suddenly felt an intense pain in his neck.  His arm shot up and he grabbed at the spot, to find the squirrel was attached to his neck with its teeth!
E: At that time, Edith yelled,”Stop it!”, her voice was so loudly very loudly. The squirrel was surprised and, released his mouth, and run ran away in into the dark yard.
Z: Hank mumbled, “Edith, help me, I’m feeling so weak.”

E:It was sunny outside, the sunshine entered a bedroom. Three days have had passed  since then. When hank woke up, he was so starving. He staggered to his feet, but he thought it was feeling very uncomfortable, and then he saw himself. It He was wearing dark blue pajamas with hot pink buttons. It was pretty tight around his waist and its pants the pant legs were a little bit short for him. He noticed it was they were a woman’s pajamas. He staggered to towards the kitchen. He smelled coffee and some kind of sweets. There were some pancakes and mixed fruits on the counter. And he saw Edith from behind that was flying a pancake during as she was frying a pancake while singing and dancing.
Z: Then Hank got the biggest surprise yet, a strange looking squirrel wearing a black cape was sitting at the dinning room table with a knife and fork in its little hands.
To be continued…

I appeared the squirrel was dressed in a cloak and I crossed over story.  I brought in the squirrel wearing a cloak and thus crossed over with an earlier story I wrote.🐿

Similar words to stare are eye, view, ogle, leer, gaze, peer, and observe…etc.
They describe ways of looking at something or someone.
peer = look closely
e.g. gaze at ocean, gaze
e.g. He peered into the window.
spooky = kind of scary, like a ghost, kind of creepy
creepy =  kind of scary, making one feel uncomfortable
another name of ghost is spook.
intense pain = = extremely painful, opposite of mild pain
shot up = very fast movement
mumbled = talk low voice, not very clearly

“Then Hank got the biggest surprise yet,”
yet = until now, up to this point, to date

Something in the dark

Hank and Edith: Lesson 8
Previous story
E: Hank couldn’t wait by 5:00pm, he has gone to reach Edith’s house before 10min and press the door-bell. the last ten minutes until 5p, so he rushed over and pressed Edith’s doorbell. Edith quickly came soon to open the front door, and when she did Hank said immediately, “I had made this.  Shall we eat?” But Edith was happily and received him cordially surprised and welcomed him insideEdith said with a smilely.
Z: Hank entered proudly carring his dishes of food, but stopped suddenly when he saw the nephew and his girlfriend. He thought he was having dinner with Edith alone.
E: Edith served her numberings put her dumplings on the table. Hank put his all of his food on it the table as well.
Z: Hank was starting to turn back into his grumpy old self. he felt like he didn’t want to share his food with young stars and he wanted Edith all to himself.
E: Edith noticed Hank is was getting grumpy. Edith said, “Time to go home, Billy. Don’t disturb our dinner time.” Billy shook hands with Hank and he whispered into Hank’s ear.
Z: “If you do anything to hurt my Aunt Edith, you will regret it.”With that he grabbed his girlfriends hand and led her out of Edith’s house.
E: At that time, a squirrel was in Edith’s backyard. He was dressed in a cloak.
Z: Suddenly, something caught Hank’s eye, out the back window. He said to Edith, “do you see two glowing red eyes out in your backyard?”
To be continued…

youngster = young person
glowing = shining light from within
glowing person = appear healthy / happy
It’s difficult to pronoun “Edith’s.”
thus = therefore, and so
greed = the selfish desire for something. usually money, power, food
He is greedy and doesn’t want to share.

The Way to a Woman’s Heart

Hank and Edith: Lesson 7
Previous story
E: He suddenly came up with a good idea. He checked about good food looked on his iPad to find out what foods would be good for her anemia, and learned that liver, beef, sesame, cocoa and honey would be healthy for her.
Z: Getting excited to cook a healthy meal for Edith, Hank sped off towards the glossary grocery store.
E: Hank bought a sesame dressing and sesame cookies. Hank back returned to his home.
Z: When he got back, he smacked himself in the forehead, remembering that he only had beer in the fridge!  What was he going to put the dressing on?!
E: Although Hank doesn’t like shopping, he returned to the store. But he didn’t know what should to buy. Quickly putting items into his cart, one after another, and then he bought various colorful vegetables and fruits, 1kg of beef, and then one a bottle of tequila and chocolate pretzels.
Z: He then got back in his car and rushed home. He didn’t know if he’d have time to cook all the food before dinner time.
E: At that time, Edith was a taking nap, and her nephew and his girlfriend was were watching TV.
Z: Hank hurriedly turned on the stove and began chopping vegetables and slicing the meat.  He’d decided to make a stir-fry.
E: Hank thought he is going to make this would cook the stir-fry just before going to her house. He was looking for his cloths. also began to think about what he would wear.
Z: He wanted to look sharp for Edith, so he decided he would put on his old suit that he hadn’t worn in years.
To be continued…

I completely forgot there are was only beer in Hank’s refrigerator. So Hank had to go to shopping again.  So, I wrote everything I wanted to eat at this time. By the way, I was impressed when I ate a chocolate pretzel for the first time, It’s so delicious! I couldn’t stop eating it.😋

sped off = drive off in a hurry, leave rapidly, or with a quick pace
smacked = hit [onamonapia]
smacked himself in the forehead = hit  himself in the forehead = I forgot, stupid me
hurriedly = in a hurried manner
stir-fry = wok = chinese big pod
look sharp = look nicely, not wrinkle