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Time to Haiku 14

rainbow car.jpg

pizza, beer, watch TV

don’t go I’ll miss you honey

enjoy brief freedom

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Time to Haiku 13

Hawaii sunset

take just 10 seconds

starving for comfort at times

just holding me tight


Comment (Not corrected):
This haiku is relating my previous article. → “A hugger in a hugless land.

Time to Haiku 12


time flew by so fast

all the while being fruitful

thank you a million

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Time to Haiku 11


weightless in the blue

moment suspended in time

on a turtles back





Time to Haiku 10


drops softly falling

control is an illusion

rain as well as life



Time to Haiku 9

learning language hard

live anywhere you desire

a borderless life


Time to Haiku 8

Do you mimic me?

Hearing something different 

Weird sound … is that me?? 😳


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