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Passing through the first gateway

The result was not very good. But I passed! 😀
Report in detail of my result = total 26/33 points
Reading: 4/5
Q & A: 20/25
Attitude: 2/3
My Q and A result was not bad but the attitude score was not good. I had thought if examinees answered something naturally and with a smile, the examiner would give a perfect score for attitude in the 2nd grade interview. Although maybe I was nervous, I think tried to tell the examiner the answer with a smile even if I couldn’t speak fluently. My face looked strained😬

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Blogger Recognition Award


Thank you for nominating my blog for this award, Niall O’Donnell!
I’m very glad. … but … it seems like a big English assignment from Niall. 🤔 😱 😂  

English-Language Thoughts by Niall O’Donnell is a great and interesting blog. This blog is about a lot of things related to the English language.
While studying English, sometimes I revisit the same article a few times because it takes me a while to complete it, so I’m happy when it’s interesting! I’m using Niall’s blog as part of my English studies. If you interested in it, check it out!

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Happy anniversary to me!

One year has passed since I started writing this blog. 🎉   This is the first time I’ve been able to continue posting on a social network for a long period of time. So far, although I’ve had several social network accounts, I couldn’t continue them. Because it always became a pain in the butt after a few posts.

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Beans: The magical fruit?

In 2017, February 4th was Setsubun, which is what we name the day before the first day of spring. It usually occurs around February 3rd. On this day, in a custom called Mame-maki, we throw and scatter roasted soy beans, inside and outside our houses while saying, “Get goblins out of the house! Invite happiness into the home!”


After that, we eat a bean for each year of our age and pray for happiness throughout the year. Some older people find eating them difficult because the beans are usually unseasoned and just taste like beans. During this time, we sometimes ask other people their ages and make small age related jokes.

There are many Setsubun events held in temples and shrines. The beans at these events are usually in small packs. If you are lucky, you can catch pack of beans for free. Although I didn’t go to any events and I didn’t do it in my house, I got a bunch of beans for sale this year. And then, I got an idea.

I will eat those roasted soy beans if I want to stop from becoming hungry. It’s my new diet.  I wonder if it will work for me?
Anyway, I should go on a diet and exercise. I can’t wear my pair of jeans now. 😱 😭

Diet-related Haiku → Time to Haiku 2

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New Year’s resolutions 2017

My New Year’s resolutions 2017
-1. Keep my weight at 🙂 Kg, plus or minus 2.5 Kg.
-2. Post over 50 blogs on ‘How to speak “Em”erican’.
-3. Make a good friend using English, I wish he or she will be one of my best friends.
-4. Read over 4 books in English on my Kindle.
-5. Take an English examination
-6.Think about my next adventure

New Year’s resolutions 2017, regarding English by Teacher X
-1. Master subject – verb agreement
-2. Master using articles (direct and indirect)
-3. Listening comprehension = 75%
-4. Increase vocabulary
-5. Pass English exam
-6. Travel to English speaking country and survive using only English

I think my teacher hit the nail on the head with the above resolutions. I wanted to accomplish all of these in 2016, but I couldn’t. This upcoming year I’ll do my best, but before I start let me make a few excuses….It’s quite difficult for me because…

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Greatest hits 2016

The 3 best things which happened to me in 2016
3. I was able to change a bad situation into a great situation.
2. I made this blog and keep writing in English.
1. I have a fantastic teacher.

What was your favorite event this year?


I’m learning using my favorite stuff.

Looking back on my English classes in 2016
I had a lot of good classes in 2016. Sometimes I had a runny nose, my stomach hurt, and I didn’t wear makeup, 🤧 🤢 🤤 etc. And then I learned what I should say in English during these types of events. Although, it was sometimes embarrassing, I was able to ask anything in teacher X’s class. But when adult students learn a language, these things are as important to learn as grammar.

Usually, our classes are during the daytime in my country, I often see the dark night through the teacher’s window. But sometimes, I took a night class in my time. I got up very early at 1 am or 3 am, when it was still dark outside of my window. But it wasn’t so difficult for me, because on the teacher’s side of Skype it looked like an early morning as if I was traveling abroad. And then I saw afternoon light through the window of the teacher’s room, and my teacher showed me outside, as well. At that time, I again knew we were in different times and places. It was so exciting. It felt like a field trip, too!
One class, my teacher ate some cashews. Of course, he knew I was on a diet, but I put up with him eating them. In another class, while drinking from the bottle, he lied to me saying “It’s not beer, just a root beer.”
It’s okay, though, my teacher and I can drink anything during our English class. As long as my teacher can still speak clearly.
Anyway, I enjoyed learning English for the first time this last year.
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Report card 2016

This is my resolution for 2016, regarding English
1.   Improve my general speaking skills
1-1. Use the correct tense: past, present, future, etc…
1-2. Don’t forget to put the ‘verb’ in a sentence.
1-3. Use correct prepositions.
2.   Answer not in only one word, but using complete sentences.
3.   Improve my listening skills, repeating skills, and using various replies.

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