Passing through the first gateway

The result was not very good. But I passed! 😀
Report in detail of my result = total 26/33 points
Reading: 4/5
Q & A: 20/25
Attitude: 2/3
My Q and A result was not bad but the attitude score was not good. I had thought if examinees answered something naturally and with a smile, the examiner would give a perfect score for attitude in the 2nd grade interview. Although maybe I was nervous, I think tried to tell the examiner the answer with a smile even if I couldn’t speak fluently. My face looked strained😬

But actually, I felt something was off for a second during the interview test. My instinct was right. I guess we might not have had good chemistry. It was out of my control. I passed so I don’t mind!

I really wanted pass, because it was the first step for me as a learner of English. This grade level is not good enough. But we can write “Passed 2nd grade on our resume. Although I think it doesn’t have a big effect, it just shows we know basic English. Because 2nd grade Eiken is the same level as B1 of CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

When I passed the test, my first thought was I can take the next step in learning English. I was so happy, I bought a few books for the B2 level right away. My next goal is to score over 750 on TOEIC or to pass the pre 1st grade Eiken. This might be a difficult goal for people living in Japan where there is an environment of no people speaking English. What’s next for me?

I want to travel not only for sightseeing but also for studying English on next my adventure. I want to have new experiences, like learning something new or improving on the things I do poorly. 🤔

Plus (Not corrected):
My teacher and I celebrated my passing of the 2nd-grade test. 🍻 I drank a margarita and he drank a beer in our class. 😀 I talked to him about my next adventure.
By the way, what are(were) you doing to improve your language skill? Do you have a good idea?


*Eiken is a popular English test in Japan.


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  1. Ilya Horatio


    I know from experience that Japanese is very different in structure from English. And the writing system… 4 alphabets.. don’t get me even started on it, but you know this better than me :-0

    What I am saying is that it’s a huge feat that you got the 2nd grade Eiken. English is extremely hard for the Japanese. Yes, sure, it’s not the best result there is, like the 1st grade Eniken, but hey, you studied hard, did your best, well, got a bit stressed up, but in the end 26/33 is pretty good to my taste.

    Drinking margarita and beer in the class. Wish I had teachers like that!
    As for the adventure… Just like you, English is not my native language. The lottery of life chose it to be Russian for me. The Russians are not exactly fluent in English and do not communicate in it on a daily basis.

    How do I improve my language skill then? Well, writing haiku in English (yes yes, I know, you might find my haiku insulting to your Japanese taste. I apologize for that), looking up idioms and new words online, comment – like I am doing it right now – on blogs, and reading books of course (but I read them very carefully and pay attention to unusual constructions, new words. Speaking of which, I highly recommend Anki flashcard software to keep all your knowledge in one place. Look up Anki and/or ask your teacher if he knows what it is. He might help you set it up).

    Always love reading your posts in English!
    I fully understand the effort you’re making.

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    1. Em Post author

      Writing comments is a good idea to improve English.
      I sometimes wonder if I should leave comments on your and other bloggers’ posts. I have not been able to do it, though… as I think you might not understand my English and be confused. But I think replying to comments is good practice for me. I’m practicing it just now. So thanks for giving me opportunities!

      By the way, about your Haiku, I enjoy reading them. I think they are quite good and, I sometimes learn new English words. Your vocabulary is great!
      I will check Anki App. Although I haven’t written and Haiku recently, I will sometimes write them. 🙂

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    1. Em Post author

      That’s right! I can practice reading and listening. But it’s difficult to get talking practice opportunities and it is the area in which I’ve gotten the least amount of practice so far. So I should practice talking, but there are no people who speak English around me. 🙁


      1. Em Post author

        Good point! I will listen carefully to catch the rhythms and patterns of conversation, I think I can learn while having fun. Also, replying to comments is good practice for me. Thank you for writing your comment and the good advice. :). 

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  2. Staci

    Nice job. Passing is important and language is something that can be improved every day. I have been learning French for 15 years and I still have a very long way to go. You can watch English TV with English (not Japanese) subtitles on to combine listening and reading. I downloaded some French podcasts targeted at language learners so they talk naturally but not *too* fast. I hope you find one of these tips useful!

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    1. Em Post author

      Thank you! It’s cool that you’re learning French. It’s great to hear from other language learners, even if the target language is different. It motivates me to try my best! :).
      I chose a Podcast based upon your recommendation and listened to it while cooking. I think it will work for me! And I will try watching TV with English subtitles. Thanks for the good ideas.


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