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When I go on a trip, even with good friends, I sometimes want to have time alone. At least, I want to have my own shower.
I did volunteer work over this last weekend.  I stayed at a free accommodation for volunteer workers for the first time. It was an old hotel that’s no longer operational and it’s only used as a share house now. This time, the owner provided it for volunteer workers for an art festival. Although there was no private bath for volunteer workers, there was a shared washroom, toilet and bedroom. So I went to a public bath (¥350 = about $3 using a discount ticket) before check in.

When I checked into the accommodation, I knew I would sleep with 12 women in one room (about 30 sq. meters = 322 sq. ft.) and I would share one ordinally toilet with over 15 people including men. 😮

Although dinner wasn’t included with the accommodation, the manager was a friendly person, he was cooking dinner and a few other people, including me, helped him. Also, I put a small amount of money for it in the donation bin. In addition, many of us brought food. Overall, I enjoyed myself there. I could talk with new people until the curfew at midnight with a lot of food and drink.

This time, I tried to do two things I’m not good at. First, taking a public bath. Although I wrote similar things on another post (11: Burning Fat), I’m still not good with public baths as I can’t relax butt-naked with friends and unknown people.

When I was a child and stayed at my grandparents’ house, I sometimes went to a public bath with my grandma. To me, my grandma was a professional bather, as she always got in an electronic bath (denki-buro*). I imagined electricity flowing through her bones and I thought ‘what’s going on?’ I couldn’t get in there for even 20 seconds, though… 😆

Second, was staying in a shared room with new people. But it was not as hard as I thought, as I have had a more difficult experience. It was when I stayed at a mountain hut in Japan. There was no bath and only an outhouse. Unluckily, there were too many people at that time and I had to sleep with a few people squeezed into a very small area.  I couldn’t even roll over and some people trampled on my leg when they went to the rest room or somewhere, and I couldn’t sleep at all.  😩
By the way, the price was about $100, with dinner and breakfast, they were delicious. 

Plus (Not corrected):
When I thought it was a unique experience, I enjoyed it. 🙂

*electronic bath (denki-buro)
It looks like a low-level electric current runs between electrode plates installed below the water surface on either side of the bath.