To the victor goes the spoils

The English class after the interview test, my teacher and I celebrated my passing of the 1st test. I prepared a margarita, beer and nuts. As the day was hot, I put some ice in the margarita. My teacher brought a beer, but the beer had 8.4% alcohol. I said, “This class was Breiko~!” 

It means, loosen up or it’s informal and let’s enjoy. This word sometimes can be heard at a business drinking party, etc. Because, generally, in Japanese society, we keep a formal relationship between senior and junior, etc. For example, to a boss, parentsinlaw, a professor and older people, etc. So, there are honorific expressions in Japanese language.

So, the boss says, “Today is Breiko~. Let’s enjoy!” Or sometimes the staff asks the boss, “Today is Breiko, isn’t it?” At that time, we enjoy direct, frank conversations. For example, we talk about things not usually discussed during normal work time. But we have to be careful not to be rude! Even if we drink a lot.

Anyway, we drank during class, it was the same as usual, though. I’m bad at making question sentences, so I didn’t ask anything, even though it was a Bureiko lesson. Also, I can’t describe difficult things in English, yet.

I guess my teacher is a heavyweight with alcohol. Even if he drinks a few bottles of beer, I think he might not show any difference from normal. I want to add something more fun at our next celebration for passing the interview test!
After the class, I was sleepy and I took a power nap. 💤

New (Not corrected):
To the victor goes the spoils = The winner gets everything


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