Cold beer, cool clothes, both super

In summer Japan is humid. I like drinking beer during this season.  
There are a lot of beer breweries all over Japan. They make beer using the local water, so even if many beers have the same label, it is said that they have different tastes. I’m not sure, as I have never tried to experiment. Ordinarily, many breweries have free tours, which we can book by internet or phone.

Asahi beer nagoya 000

This time, I went on the Asahi beer brewery tour. Asahi is one of the big Japanese beer companies. The tour I went on took about 75 minutes.  We saw the inside of the brewery and we learned how to make beer. Unfortunately, I went there on a holiday, so many machines were stopped. I guess it would be more interesting on a weekday.

After the tour, we could drink three glasses of different, fresh beers and get a small snack for free, but we had to finish within 20 minutes. The total amount of beer we drank was 1 glass = 350 ml ⨉ 3 glasses =1,050 ml.
If someone doesn’t drink or if they were driving, they could get soft drinks and snacks. (Drivers aren’t allowed to drink any alcohol in Japan, not even a little.)


I drank every drop and was completely drunk. And then I goofed. When I went to the restroom, I dropped my camera and broke the lens. 😯 I should have felt sad, but I was still drunk, I gave up on this lens…
Actually, this is the third time that I dropped my camera and destroyed the lens. The first time was when I was walking and looking at the cityscape in Glasgow, Scotland, and I dropped my camera because I forgot it was hung on my shoulder. 😲 The second time, I was taking pictures in my house and I knocked over the tripod and camera. 😫 I didn’t drink any alcohol at those times.

Usually, I don’t drink so much until I’m drunk. So, I knew I couldn’t drink a lot of beer within a short period of time, especially on an empty stomach. I wish I’d had a more time to relax and enjoy the fresh beer. Those beers were delicious, though…

By the way, when I visited England in 2014 and 2015, I saw many people wearing the same brand of clothing with “SUPERDRY JPN 極度乾燥” printed on it. The first time I saw the clothes I was confused. Because Super Dry is a popular beer by a Japanese company. So, I didn’t know the meaning of “極度乾燥(Kyokudokanso?)”. I wonder if it is just translated literally. 🤔  

I was curious and checked it on the internet. Which country is it from? Because people wearing that clothing were pretty dashing. I learned that it is from England. And there is a theory,  when the founder went to Japan and drank Super Dry beer, he was inspired by it.
Then I thought “極度乾燥” might be just a logo. I haven’t seen this clothing in Japan, yet. Maybe there might be a registered trademark problem or something?

There are many t-shirts printed with English sentences in Japan. Maybe some native English speakers think “What does that mean?” I guess it might be the same. We don’t know the meaning of the English words, but we sometimes think it looks cool as a design.