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The interview test is over!
It was first come first serve. I got there 20 minutes early and was the 2nd examinee in line. I checked in, turned off my smartphone, put it in a bag provided by the staff, and hung it around my neck. I guess to prohibit recording. I have never hung my phone from my neck, so it felt heavy and it was very annoying.

The examiner was a Japanese woman who looked to be in her 50’s. Usually, there is chit chat for about 1 minute before the test. But she didn’t. I thought I could have decreased my nervousness with chit-chat. But her English was easy to understand.

Anyway, I was more nervous than I thought I would be. My hands were shaking when the examiner handed over the card to me. So, although I don’t remember the questions correctly, I’m writing by tracing my memory. First, this is a sample card.

Interview test evaluation
Personal interview: 7-8 minutes
Interviewers: 1 person
Evaluated on:  response content, pronunciation, words, grammar, diction, information volume, motivation and attitude to actively communicate.

The high total score 33 points.
Reading (5)
Q1. Reading comprehension of the story (5)
Q2. Making a story using an illustration (10)
Q3. Give an opinion using agree or disagree (5)
Q4. Give an opinion using Yes or No, also need a reason (5)
Attitude (3)

Q1. Reading comprehension
I asked the examiner, “Would you say that again?” to give me time to think. But I didn’t find the perfect answer from the paragraph. So I answered with a short sentence by intuition. But, it collapsed grammatically. 😱
The examiner looked like she wanted to say “That’s it?” I thought I failed. But I pulled myself together, and we went on to Q2.

Q2. Looking at three pictures and describing the situation
I think I did my best. My speaking wasn’t smooth and sometimes I couldn’t put my thoughts into words, though. I think I made a few grammatical mistakes.

Q3 & Q4. Telling my opinion, agree or disagree with an explanation.
Q3 was no trouble, I might have answered a bit redundantly, however. But Q4 confused me. This is Q4, but I didn’t remember correctly. It was maybe…

Q4. Recently, TV programs show some people’s private lives. Do you think TV programs should not stop showing private life or something?

My answer: Yes. Because they have a private life. It should be protectedAnd we don’t need to know their private life. TV programs should not show their private life or something…

I answered using English, but I knew it was repetitive. In this question, I asked, “Would you say that again?” before I answered. And the examiner repeated the same question plus used body language making her arms like an “X” at “should not”. After the test, I thought my opinion might be the No side. I’m still super confused.

Actually, I’m still struggling with this type of question. I often make a mistake Yes or No. It is because of Japanese language. In Japanese, we answer depending on whether the question is the positive sentence or negative.

I remember, when I got off a cruise ship, the custom officer said, “Don’t you have any drugs?” or something. And I didn’t have any illegal things, so I said, ”Yes!” with a smile. 😀 Then the custom officer stared at me with a grim face. 😱
But luckily, a Japanese crew member who was next to me quickly helped me with the situation. 😅

Anyway, I evaluated myself. According to word of mouth on the internet, the lowest score that can be received is 1 when the examinee can’t say anything in English. And when the examinee answers with some English, even if the answer is wrong, then they get at least 2 points. Regarding attitude, the examiner checks for a positive attempt to answer and communicate in English, even if sentence construction is not perfect. 

Myself assessment
Reading: 4?
Q1. 2 or 3?
Q2. 7 or 8?
Q3. 3 or 4?
Q4. 3?
Attitude: 3?   Total = 22~25?

I guess over 20 or a little bit more(23?) is borderline. I think I’m on the line.  😟  I will know my result after 2 weeks. I hope I pass. 🤞

New (Not corrected):
Nervous Nellie = a person characterized by worry, insecurity and timidity


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  1. Ilya Horatio

    That’s a long post! And a nice read, too!

    The examination put you under some stress, huh? Happens to everyone.

    The custom officer story is hilarious.
    Fingers crossed for your results 🙂 I hope you did well.

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    1. Em Post author

      Thank you for reading!
      Yeah…that’s right, I was stressed. Lately, almost all of my studying has been for the test.
      The crossed fingers are much appreciated!😀

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    1. Em Post author

      No worries, Staci! My blog can be messy and includes various topics, so I hope you sometimes find some interesting posts to read.
      Thanks for your kind words. 😀


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