The cowardly lion found her heart

The day came to find out my test result on a website. It was scheduled for 3 pm. Although I had been waiting since the day after taking the test, I didn’t have the courage to look at my result. So, I was thinking of covering the laptop screen with a thin white piece of paper or covering my eyes with my hands when I open the website. I will see it a little and I can be ready to accept reality gradually. Am I a coward?

Tree Green

A few hours before, I’d checked the site as I’d forgotten the login number. I opened my page, but my result wasn’t showing yet. However, I left the page tab open. So, I distracted myself by practicing writing English and doing some errands. But I still wasn’t brave enough to open the site and know my result. It was 5 minutes before 3p and I thought the result time had not come yet, I would just open the page, I can do it now safely. So, I just went back to the open page tab.

However, there was my result! 😵

I didn’t even have the time to put my hands over my eyes. I wasn’t paying attention at all.

…I passed the first test! I was super relieved. 😅  I really wanted to pass the first test, at least.
Another thing I was surprised about was my writing score was better than I expected. I was worried about writing the most. Only on the writing test do examiners personally check the answers so it can be very subjective. I hoped a lenient examiner would read my answer. 🤞

Also, I recently learned the 2nd test is July 2nd (JT). It is one week earlier than I thought. 😱  I should practice to improve my interview skills.

Niall O’Donnell of English-Language Thoughts gave me comments on my post “Walking the line“, “ … From experience I can say that you did better on the test than you think. We always do better than we think. …
He was right!  It was better than I thought! I didn’t need to worry so much. Thank you, again. 😀

Note (Not corrected):
a lenient examiner ⇄ a tough examiner
subjective ⇄ objective
cranky = strange, weird, eccentric
a.g. My sentences are sometimes cranky.
The Cowardly Lion = one of the characters of the Wizard of Oz.

Plus: I modified on July 5th, 2017.
Next test is July 9th.


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