Walking the line

The test is over! It was exciting …… so I want to write about it.
But actually, I was moping around. 😢  I had thought I don’t want to study English anymore.
Lately, I didn’t write on this blog at all. I was studying for the English test, not very hard though… I could have studied harder.

After the test, I thought I would try to write about my feelings, as the days around the test were an emotional roller coaster. I’m embarrassed to write about my feelings, though… I want to learn many varieties of expressions in English.

Before the test
I ate healthy meals and didn’t drink any alcohol. I thought I was in good shape and was looking forward to taking the test the next day. 🙂

The day of English test
My stomach was upset before leaving for the test. A few minutes into the test, my right hand was shaking. “Stop!” I thought. So I changed to writing with my left hand.

And in the middle of the writing test, all of the sudden, the listening test for other examinees sounded in our room.  Then a test staff member entered our room, apologized and explained what was happening even while we were taking the test. I covered my ears with my hands, but my concentration was broken. I missed a few answers at that time. Unbelievable!
To top it all off, I had a headache for the last 15min. 😖

After the English test
I was relieved.😌 I may pass. But…When I remembered my sentences on the writing test, I started to worry. 😟 I thought native speakers and people who speak English fluently can do this test in their sleep. I envied them.

After checking the answer
Based on the answers that have been released, I got about 84% on the reading and listening tests. But I don’t know about the writing test, yet. I have to get a good score on writing, as well.
I often practice writing on this blog. But I don’t have any confidence at all. Because when I had to give the correct answer on the test, I was so worried about my sentences, if they’re correctly spelled and constructed. So, my sentences were too simple and a few conjunctions might have been missing so the meaning might make the examiner confused.
I wonder if I’m bad when it counts

I was moping around…. 😢 I know it’s no use moping around. I should move on. But how can I feel better? How do I think more positively?

This test was a qualifying test. My test results will be announced within a few weeks. If I pass this 1st test, I can go to the 2nd interview test after 1 month. My result so far, I guess I’m on the line… Just to be on the safe side, I should start to study for the interview test.

After that (Not corrected):
If I pass the test, I and my teacher will have a drink during class.🍻  I hope my writing score is enough to keep me above the pass line. 🤞

New words (Not corrected):
To top it all off = even more, could be good thing, could be bad thing
in their sleep = so easy


4 thoughts on “Walking the line

  1. Niall O'Donnell

    Well done, from experience I can say that you did better on the test than you think. We always do better than we think 😊.
    What happened with the listening is terrible: that should never happen! Hopefully you can relax a little while you wait for the writing results!

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    1. Em Post author

      I hope so. When I got your comment in English, I realized I want to study hard and speak English one day. Thank you for your kind words. 😀

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