5. Accidental Adventure

My memorable trips so far:
5-1: I saw a doctor in Tahiti because of a terrible allergy.
5-2: Losing baggage while traveling from Scotland to England.
5-3: Throwing up in the toilet in the Dallas international airport because of …

Tahichi borabora1

5-1: When I stayed at a cottage at the sea, there was a ladder covered in light green seaweed. I climbed down it into the sea. At that time my leg barely touched the seaweed. After few hours, the part of my leg that touched it turned red. The next day, my full body was covered in hives and my face was super swollen. I couldn’t open my eyes. I saw myself in the mirror and it the ugliest face in my life. I thought if my face didn’t get better and was still swollen, I wanted to have a plastic surgery for the first time.

I hadn’t known I was allergic to seaweed. I needed to see a doctor. The doctor was French, but I can’t speak it, so the hotel staff helped me. The doctor came to my hotel room and said,
Take an antibiotic and put ointment on your leg.
Don’t go out in the sun, don’t go in the sea and don’t drink alcohol.“
I thought I can’t do anything, I was on a beautiful island, though. 😢
But after saw the doctor, I knew I would get better. And then, I had fun because I had a unique experience. 😂

tahichi radder1

Comment (Not corrected):
Teacher X said, “Did you get better?”
Me → “😤 ”
He said, “Just joking! 😆 ”

5-2: It happened my last few days in London. Since my baggage was lost, I didn’t have my cloth or the battery for my smartphone. Also I didn’t go out from my Airbnb home because I was waiting for the delivery company to send my suitcase. Anyway, I couldn’t get it before the day when I had to return to Japan.

But there was one good thing that came out of it, I could enter through another special entrance for workers at Heathrow Airport to get my suitcase. I entered another locked room for baggage the airplane company lost. Actually, it was so exciting for me. 😆
At that time, I learned the workers in the airport have to show their passports and have their bags and body checked, as well, like visitors.

I thought at that time it was good that there was enough free time in my schedule. I was playing it by ear. So, even though I had trouble, but I spent my time without being hasty.  

5-3:    … a hangover. 😅

New word (Not corrected):