4. Adventurous dining

My memorable trips so far:
4-1: I ate Tex-Mex in Texas.

4-2: I ate a Christmas lunch with a paper crown on my head in London. 
4-3: I ate Haggis at a pub in Edinburgh.


A paper crown in the cracker

The Tex-Mex was so delicious! I ate 10 tortillas and I couldn’t stop eating. I drank margaritas for the first time, too. After this experience, margarita became one of my favorite drinksBut I haven’t eaten real Mexican food. So I want to eat it in Mexico some day.

I was in London on Christmas day a few years ago. So I wanted to have a British-style Christmas meal. It was so fun I had a Christmas lunch while wearing a paper crown on my head. Some day I want to do it again.

In Edinburgh, I tried to eat Haggis at a pub. If possible, I wanted to eat an authentic local dish from Scotland. I don’t like organ meats but it was not as bad than I thought. If I hadn’t known it was sheep organs, I think I wouldn’t have noticed. But I’ve already experienced it so I might not eat it again.



During my travels I’ve had meals at fancy restaurants but they’re not memorable for me. I prefer casual restaurants, pubs and street food. 😋