3. Adventures in nature

My memorable trips to experience nature


3-1: I tried to find a wild platypus in Australia.
3-2: I went stargazing on top of Mauna Kea Mountain on Hawaii island.
3-3: I found the Southern Cross on Bora Bora Island.
3-4: I snorkeled for the first time in my life on the coast of Bali

The platypus tour was tricky. It depends a lot on luck whether you see one or not. I was hoping to be lucky. When I went on the tour to find platypuses, the guide and all of the tourists had to walk quietly along a stream in a huge field. In my group, nobody saw them, but I enjoyed myself because it was unique and I felt the tour guide worked very hard and he seemed nice.
Somebody said, “You don’t have to go on a tour to find a platypus, you can see them in the zoo.” That’s right! I came across them at a zoo in Australia on another day. But the process to find a platypus was so interesting to me, it’s like an adventure, even if I didn’t see one. 😀

All of these types of adventures depend on the weather and season. So if I don’t see and do what I want, it can’t be helped. I think it’s a chance worth taking and if things don’t work out I can go again and enjoy it the next time.

Lately, I’m interested in nature tours, like finding an animal’s footprint and learning about plants in the forest. I want to understand English at that time.  🐾🌿🏕