2. Learn, Drink, Travel: The distillery tours

My memorable trips so far:
I went to the distillery tours on Islay island in Scotland.


At the distillery tour, the guide was a very kind woman. At that time my friend and I were the only visitors. After the tour, she explained the history of the distillery. She gave me many tastes of different whiskies. I was so glad but actually, whisky isn’t one of my favorite drinks, so I told her this honestly.

She gave me a free glass of gin and tonic, with gin that was made by the same company. The gin was made before the first whisky was sold by the distillery. Making whisky takes many years. So the company needed to sell something in the meantime so they made gin as it doesn’t need time to age. I think it was the most delicious gin and tonic I’ve had in my life.

Islay Island is a small Scottish island. I went there in winter and it was mostly cloudy and lightly raining. After I arrived, I noticed a strong whisky smell. The island was a safe and friendly, the locals often talked to and helped me. The day I left, I thought the smell would be my strongest memory. The winter wasn’t a good season for a distillery tour because some distilleries were closed. But I was able to see a few distilleries and it was like a private tour.

Anyway, the distillery tour was interesting for me. Because I can learn production processes and English at the same time. I want to go on other types of factory tours, as well. 😀
I made my goal to study English, so next time I’ll be able to understand better.

Bruichladdich → https://www.bruichladdich.com/

New words (Not corrected):
Whisky, wiskies = Scotland, Whales, Canada or Japan
Whiskey, whiskeys = Ireland, America