My memorable trips so far: 1. Location tours

What kind of adventure do I want to have next? I remembered and listed my most memorable trips so far, by category.
*Not in order of favorites

1: Location tours
1-1: I went on the location tour for LOST on Oahu island in Hawaii.
1-2: I went to the Harry Potter location tour in London.

LOST tour
↑ The restroom for actors and staff

1-1: One interesting point of a location tour is that I can go to places that aren’t famous sightseeing spots. I went to a ruined building and an abandoned park on the location tour for LOST.

And there were sometimes good photo spots. I learned about framing and camera angles. And, of course, the exciting view makes me remember the show.



1-2:  On the Harry Potter location tour in London, it was fun to go to the location spots on foot and by the underground. And also, the guide sometimes gave us quizzes, I enjoyed it!
But this tour was all in English, on top of that it was British English. I wasn’t good at listening to the British accent, so it was difficult to understand. It made me think I should continue studying English.

Note (Not corrected):
I added a few links. If you interested in their location tours…

1-1: Lost location tour:

↑ This site is in Japanese…😟 But the guide is Japanese American and I think he speaks English and Japanese natively.

1-2: Muggle tours:

↑ This site is in English.


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