Stand by for my next adventure!

Lately, I haven’t had enough motivation to study English. So, I was going to make an adventure list in English. But before I did it, I found a movie “Stand By Me” on Amazon video, so I watched it to practice listening to English. I’d watched this movie a long time ago. I’d  forgotten the ending of the story but I remembered it was about an adventure by some boys and the songs were quite good. But since I’d watched before I thought I might understand the English in the movie.

After I watched the movie, I thought I really liked it, it is my favorite type of movie.

Because there was adventure, friendship, and a little bit of sadness. This movie was made in 1986 and the main story was set in the summer of 1959. So it is an older movie but I didn’t feel that it was. I grew up in a different culture and I don’t know much about the USA around 1959 and 1980’s. But this movie felt comfortable to me, it seemed like I was buddies with them and we went on an adventure together.

After I watched the movie, the first thing I thought was that I want to go on an adventure. The next thing I thought was that I want to go to the filming location of “Stand By Me”. I love going to filming locations. I wish I could see a similar scene from the movie.
And I want to walk around there like their adventure. But time has passed since the movie was made, so I guess there would be many differences now in the town from when the movie was filmed. But I think it would be interesting, too.

When I was into “LOST”, which is an American TV show, I went to some filming locations on Oahu island. In England, I went to some filming locations of “Harry Potter.” But sometimes there were some changes since the show was shot, but it was still exciting. So, I added going to this filming location of “Stand By Me” to my adventure list.

New word (Not corrected):
Stand by me = Stick with me when the time is tough
Castle Rock = Brownsville




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      I guess I should stop trying to use the Force then. 😆 I’m learning sarcasm from my English teacher.


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