Let’s go couch surfing now, everybody’s learning how….

On Saturday morning, all of the sudden, my housemate said, “a Europian woman sent an email. She wants to stay here on Sunday’s night. ”
“What?” I said.
He had registered for Couch Surfing (couchsurfing.com). I knew he wanted to do it, but I thought he hadn’t registered for it yet. Because he hadn’t readied a room for visitors. So, I was super surprised. 😵

I agree with my housemate that we should use our house to accommodate visitors. It is because I want to use my next home similar to an Airbnb. I think it’s a good experience to host and communicate with travelers that don’t speak Japanese fluently.

Anyway, we were busy on Monday morning so we couldn’t accept her at that time. But I cleaned my house on Saturday afternoon. I have a room that usually I don’t use at all, but the room was full of empty appliance boxes and many other things I no longer use, as well, and I was going to throw them away the next time I moved. But I chucked almost all of it. My legs became sore over the weekend. 😓

I have never invited an unknown person into my house. If someone has good chemistry with me, I may make a new good friend. But it’s difficult to decide from only a few emails and a profile.  I wonder if I can really accept a traveler into my house? 🤔