Happy anniversary to me!

One year has passed since I started writing this blog. 🎉   This is the first time I’ve been able to continue posting on a social network for a long period of time. So far, although I’ve had several social network accounts, I couldn’t continue them. Because it always became a pain in the butt after a few posts.

I think the reason why I can keep posting articles on this blog, is because it’s like killing two birds with one stone. I can use it to study English and then quickly post my articles. But this blog is completed with a bunch of help from my teacher. Because my English still makes some people confused. Usually, when my teacher corrects my article, he says,
“What does that mean?” 🤔  or “Huh?” 😕  or ”I’m confused.” 😩

But lately in my class, I’ve been trying to talk about some small, everyday things in English. It’s sometimes something that’s bothering me. And my teacher says, “Here’s the thing…” He tells me some stories. I’m often encouraged by that. In the beginning, when I started to take his classes, I couldn’t speak what I wanted to say and I couldn’t come out of my shell. My blog might explain it.

Lastly, thank you for visiting and liking my blog. My English reading speed is super slow, so I sometimes can’t read to the end of the article on your blog, I visited your blog, though… I’m interested in your blog, travel, adventure, digital nomad, photography and language etc.


An anniversary message from teacher X:
Em has been an awesome student over the last year! She always strives to improve her English, often coming up with innovative ideas to do so…such as this blog. Our lessons are always fun, and she is now an expert at giving sarcasm right back to me.
Happy Anniversary, and I look forward to many more!


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