Psychology quiz 2

I’m going to ask you to draw some things.
Get a pen and some paper.

  1.  Draw a house
  2.  Draw a chimney
  3.  Draw a pond
  4.  Draw an animal

This quiz represents the 4 things below. ↓

  1. Interpersonal relationships

How many doors and windows does your picture have?
Each portion of a window that can be opened counts as 1 point.
It shows the number of friends you open up to.

  1. Motivation for work

Without smoke shows that you work for money.
With smoke shows that you thrive at your work.
A lot of smoke shows you have motivation to work.

  1. Sense of money

Big pond: You’re satisfied with your money.
Small pond: You’re starving for money.

  1. Sense of sex

Where are your animals? Your animal is …..
In the sky: You are a romanticist or delusional.
On the ground: You are natural or boring.
In the pond: You are obsessed with sex or abnormal.


Psychology quiz

Left-hand side is mine, right-hand side is teacher X’s

My picture shows…..
I don’t have many trusted friends.
I have motivation for work.
I have some money.
I’m interested in normal sex.

My teacher’s picture shows…..
He has 5 trusted friends.
He has so-so motivation for work.
He has some money.
He might be a romanticist or delusional, and he is interested in normal but also abnormal sex.

My explanation is…..
My picture looks like I’m a boring person.
I don’t have many trusted friends definitely and I hardly ask someone “Will you be my friend?” But I think I want to make trusted friends. I don’t have enough money to do everything what I want to do. Anyway, I’m not sure I’m interested in normal sex? Actually, I almost drew a fish in the pond. Phew, It was good for me I didn’t draw it. 😅 

My teacher’s excuse was…..
“Give me more money!”
“I have a duck, Oh no~~!”
“Here’s the problem, the order leads someone draws an animal in the pond because No.3 is the pond and No.4 is an animal. You’re just finishing drawing the pond before the next question. It’s a little bit of a trick” he said.

I thought he was making excuses because he drew three animals, on the ground, in the sky and in the pond. 😆 🤣  

Anyway, I don’t have artistic taste. 😅

New word (Not corrected):
a.g. My teacher is doodling in our class.