Psychology quiz

You are traveling on a long journey with five animals.
The five animals are a donkey, a cat, a wolf, a cow and a raccoon.
But you have some troubles in the middle of the journey, and you have to say “goodbye” one by one to each of the animals.
Which order do you say goodbye to animals?


The animals in this quiz represent important things in one’s life. And the order that one says goodbye to them shows what one would get rid of in times of serious trouble.
donkey = job
cat         = girlfriend or boyfriend
wolf      = pride
cow       = money
racoon = friend

My answer was:
racoon = friend
cow      = money
wolf     = pride
cat        =  girlfriend
donkey= job

My excuses…
I couldn’t imagine a raccoon is helpful. A cow is too big, I thought it can’t fit through a narrow road. The wolf might protect me. A cat might give me emotional support. A donkey can carry me and my backpack.
My most important thing to me is my job than not my friend or boyfriend?? 😅 ….. maybe I guess so. Because recently I want to do new things …..

Teacher X’s answer:
cat        = girlfriend
wolf     = pride
racoon = friend
donkey = job
cow       = money

He said some excuses…It’s interesting. 😄

Teacher X’s excuses… ( I wrote when my teacher said ↓ )
”That’s not true, though!  If I knew what each animal represented I would answer as follows cat, donkey, cow, raccoon and wolf.
I thought it was a survival situation. So I decide to get rid of the useless animals first, and keep the donkey and cow for as long as possible. Because I could ride the donkey, if I needed to, and I could eat the cow as a last resort.”

New words (Not corrected):
get rid of = throw away
expense = something you have to spend money on
income = money coming in
horny = feel like you want sex, opposite of sex
last resort = final option

Comment (Not corrected):
My teacher forgot to read a book by this class, and he couldn’t give me some reading comprehension quizzes. So we did a psychology quiz in our class. 🙂