Bunking up on the road!

When I decide on an accommodation while traveling, I often think I want to stay in a unique place. Naturally, I want to choose someplace cheap and comfortable. And when I’m not traveling alone, I wonder which type of room should I choose to stay in with my friend?

On this trip, I was able to choose between a bunkhouse, a private room with a queen bed or a private room with a bunk bedI stayed with my significant other, but our trip schedules were different. Because he was going out to a party and a bar. I thought when he got back to the hotel in the morning his smell could be bad and he might be snoring. 😣

So, I choose a bunk bed room. The fee was 8,200 yen per night. 😀  My room had a small sink but no bathroom or toilet. But It was comfortable. I thought having no toilet may sometimes be good. Because I don’t need to deal with sounds and smell. 

Kyoto piecehostel room


I think there were 2 toilets on each floor.

There was a kitchen with some open space that contained tables, chairs and a long couch. I think this space could be used anytime. We could drink instant coffee for free, as well. But we had to clean up after using the cups and dishes, etc. There were many visitors from overseas there.

My night:
I bought a take out beer at a cafe in this hotel using a 50% discount ticket during happy hour. I got it when I checked into the hotel, but it was 300 yen… 🤔

Breakfast for free:
There were some different breads and Japanese style food. we could choose from. I forgot to take a picture, so I ate double this amount. I ate too much. My pants were tight😱

Kyoto Piece Hostel Sanjo:
I forgot to take a picture of the shower room, but it was simple and clean. When I stayed at this hotel, its public spaces were clean and comfortable, the room as well. The hotel staff was nice. It was good overall.  I think I want to stay there again.

Kyoto Piece Hostel Sanjo

New words (Not corrected):
Snoring = to breathe in a noisy way through your mouth and nose while you are asleep
Snorting = pig sound
deal with = to take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem
odor = smell, scent
2 potions = double this amount