Wassup? Wasabi!

wasabi farm1

I visited a big wasabi farm in Azumino of Nagano prefecture. Irrigation is provided by natural spring water, and its temperature is around 13 degrees Celsius in all seasons. It needs to grow for about 2 years before it can be harvested and eaten.

wasabi farm2 wasabi

wasabifarm softcream

This is a soft serve ice cream with wasabi flavor. I didn’t think it had a strong wasabi flavor, it’s not bad. 😀


I bought this fresh wasabi 500 yen a piece. I took it home, ground it up and ate it with fried beef. The wasabi tasted good, not very strong and sharp but mild. We can eat this wasabi for about 2 weeks using a fridge.

It is free to visit this wasabi farm. It takes approximately 30 min by car to travel between this farm and the Matsumoto castle. I enjoyed visiting both in one day.

I didn’t copy and paste in this article.  I added my comment about cheating in my last article, “Mystery of Matsumoto Castle.” Thank you for the many likes on that. 😀 

New words (Not corrected):
Irrigation = watering crops
crops = plants growing food on a farm