Mystery of Matsumoto Castle


Back side of Matsumoto castle

Matsumoto Castle is a National Treasure in Japan. Construction of the elegant black and white structure began in 1592In the picture above we can see the side of the castle which was built in the period of the warring states.

Matsumoto-jo front

Front side of Matsumoto castle

The left side of the picture:
40 years later when peace came in the early Edo period, another 2 buildings were added, which included many windows.


Matsumoto-jo stairs
The path leading from the 1st to the 6th floor of the main tower consists of 7 separate sets of stairs. Not only are the stairways all separated from each other, they also rise at a steep 55 to 61 degree incline. The stairs between the 4th and 5th floor are the steepest, with each step rising approximately 40 centimeters.

matsunoto-jo shooting
Yazama & Teppozama:
Each floor is fitted with holes for firing weapons. The long rectangular holes, called “Yazama,” were for shooting arrows at the attacking enemy. The square ones, called “Teppozama,” were for firing muskets. There are 60 Yazamas and 55 Teppozama.

Matsumoto-jo 3rd floor
The Third Floor:
The third floor, a kind of attic to the second floor, is called “Hidden Floor” or “Dark Floor” because there are no windows. The lack of windows made the main tower appear to have five floors instead of six. This floor was mainly used for storage of food, gunpowder and weapons.

I thought this floor looked like the chamber of secrets from Harry Potter.

Although I waited about 30 min to enter the castle tower, it was interesting and I looked around inside of the castle for about 1 hour. The entrance fee was 610 yen.

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