A hugger in a hugless land


For several years, I’ve  been thinking about “hug”. Many Japanese couples hold hands when going out on a date. But they don’t usually hug each other in public, even if they’re boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. Many Japanese don’t hug with family, as well. Even when we haven’t seen them in a while or when we part with them and we don’t know when we will meet again. We don’t hug and often don’t even shake hands. We don’t touch each other.

Why my culture rarely hugs?

I’m not sure….. maybe… first, because we bow instead of hug, which is our culture of greeting. Second, many people don’t express their emotions. Third, some people want to keep distance with others. Or fourth, some people have a germ phobia. 🤔

So, I am rarely able to hug. But I think I want to hug with my good friends and family. Because I want to feel close with them when I feel a distance between us.
And I want to hug with my significant other when I’m weaker than usual. It’s a good way for me to calm down. So, I think the effects of hugging is to give us happiness, relief and release of stress.
But I almost never say “hug me,” even in private. In my case, if I say it, I feel like I’m showing weakness, maybe….. So I sometimes hug myself or hug my cushion on the sofa. 😂  But I try to say it.

Anyway, I think some Japanese want to hug or they wouldn’t mind if you hugged them. There is a cute word “give me a big hug” in Japanese. I hope many people in Japan follow the western culture of hugging.

Are you hugging in your country?

Comment(Not corrected):
This article is relating my next haiku. → Time to Haiku 13

New words:
tender hug = very soft, loving hug
bro hug = hug to dude
PDA = Public Display of Affection


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      1. Mchan

        That’s because we don’t really “kiss” with people we don’t really know or like too much it’s more like the two cheeks touching whereas in a hug you’re closer.


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