Blast from the past: old-time rural Japan

shirakawagou 0

Here is Shirakawa-go. This settlement is one of the world heritage sites in Japan. These houses have roofs made of thatch. Some of the buildings have been made into visitor accommodations. The town is located in a heavy snow area, and I visited during winter. So I brought my rubber boots and thick gloves in the car. But I didn’t need to put them on, because it wasn’t cold and the roads of the village were cleared of snow. I was walking with my camera for a few hours.


I took a picture of three houses. I think this is one of the popular photo spots. I almost missed it because the path I took went alongside the houses and I didn’t notice anything special, but when I got to the outskirts of town and looked back I could finally recognize the buildings unique pattern.


A piece gohei-mochi (250yen)

This is a gohei-mochi, which is made of rice and tastes a little of sweet miso sauce. This is a sweet from around the mountainous areas in the middle of Japan. Since when I was a child, I’ve looked forward to eat it when I go there.

shirakawagou dokan

I sometimes look at the different drainpipe covers. This is one from Shirakawa-go. It’s interesting because there are different pictures on the lids, it depending on the sightseeing spot and city.
New word (Not corrected):
 = around the edge
Blast from the past = cliche’ phrase, strong memory, something from the past
cliche’ = a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought