First step before going on an adventure


I will take an English test, which is called Eiken. This test is a popular English test in Japan. Eiken has 2 types of tests. The 1st test is writing and listening. The 2nd test is an interview in English, which involves speaking, listening and reading comprehension. If we pass the 1st test, we can take the 2nd test one month later.


Eiken has 7 grades and the 1st grade is the most difficult test. I’m going to take the 2nd grade test, which is the level taken by Japanese high school graduates. So, I think I have to pass the test. But the pass rate is approximately 30%. This grade is the as same as B1, in comparison with CEFR*.  This is my goal for 2017. And then, I want to pass the Pre-1 grade by summer of 2018. One day, on the IELTS**, I want to get a score of over 7, as well. 

Anyway, there are only 3 months until the test and I’m not over the passing mark yet.😓 I should study harder. Passing this test will be the first step in achieving my dream. I will go on the adventure when I pass pre-1st grade. I wonder where I will go? 😀 ✈️

* CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
**IELTS = The International English Language Testing System

New words:
close but no cigar = close but you didn’t get right


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