Journey in a box


I like traveling but can’t frequently go on trips, so instead I sometimes like to observe the movement of packages I’ve sent using the tracking system of the international postal service. Because when I watch it, although I’m a little worried, I’m also excited because I feel it’s like the package takes me the trip abroad.
First, it might go through a few local post offices before arriving at an international post in Japan, then it will depart from there.
At this point, I think I want to board the airplane with the package. 📦 😀  ✈️  

Anyway, it will ride in an airplane with others, arrive at the destination country’s international post, go through customs and be sent out for further delivery. Next, it will go through a few local post offices. Finally, it goes out for delivery to the final destination.  

After that, I want to know the condition of the package inside and out. And if it’s almost the same as when I sent it, finally, I am relieved.
I want to go on the adventure like the package. ✈️  


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