The day mimicking a photographer

I went to the Amaharashi coast over the weekend. The bay is famous for its views because we can see the ocean and 3000m-class mountains from the coast. However, there are many cloudy and rainy or snowy days compared to other areas in Japan, so we can’t see the sights clearly many days. But last Saturday the weather was good and when I left my home I could see the Big Dipper in the dark sky. When I arrived at the coast, there were already many photographers on the beach, their camera lenses were super big and they used giant tripods. And they were also wearing rubber boots. I thought they were perfectly equipped for this photo spot. I took a small camera without a tripod and wore a pair of sneakers, obviously, I was a visitor.

After the sun rose, I killed time at a bookstore, went to a shopping mall and took a nap in the car. I returned to the bay around 2 pm because I wanted to see blue sky, ocean and mountains covered with snow. There were many visitors around, and they weren’t like the photographers in the morning.
Although there is a beach, I thought it is better for scenery than for swimming. Anyway, I was lucky to see the beautiful scenery that day. 😀

New words:
daybreak, dawn = sunrise