Time to Haiku 1

I learned Haiku in English. I thought it had the same Haiku rules as in Japanese, but it’s different. English Haiku is by 5-7-5 syllables, not words. Also, we don’t need to use seasonal wordsI guess it’s closer Senryu than Haiku in Japanese. Because we learned in Haiku we have to use a seasonal word, on the other hand, Senryu doesn’t need them. I have never learned any kind of poem in English. It seems looks difficult but I think it’s interesting. So, I’m learning Haiku in English lately.

Haiku class Day 0:

Em losses again
wish he’d let me win sometime
I have sour grapes

the pizza in hand
stuffing it into my face
beer is so cooling
…..Teacher X

light is fading now
fire is starting to glow
feel the warm embrace
…..Teacher X

Haiku class Day 1:

putting the ring on
acting the part perfectly
toast the fake couple

After winter solstice/ melt piled snow
Winter turns to spring / Snow melting away
became best friends
Ex-marriage couple

Cold and delicious
After a hard day’s effort
Nothing like a beer
…..Teacher X

Driving through the snow
The road winding to and fro
Hey, there’s a monkey!
…..Teacher X


I often want to go outside after it has snowed, because I feel it’s a different place and I’m excited.
So I drove a mountain road again. While I was driving slowly, I saw some monkeys on the road. I stopped my car and waited until they moved to the mountain. At that time, I took some pictures. I guess they are a group of wild monkeys living on the mountain. It was the first time I’ve seen them there. They looked fluffy. 

Note (Not corrected):
it has snowed. ← when the snow on the ground.
it is snowing.  ← while it’s snowing.

to and fro = here and there
windy = not straight
Medieval times = middle ages in Europe
icy relationship

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