Picky learner 2: Finding the ultimate teacher


I’ve had a ton of English teachers so far. I guess it has been over 100 teachers. Sometimes they gave me good lessons, other times it has been painful. Only 10 min sometimes felt like an hour. So I wanted to find a great teacher for me. For students, This is very important. Just like great athletes have great coaches.

For me, it was hard to find a good teacher. The biggest reason was most English lessons include talking about personal things. There are many private questions in English material books, too. I sometimes think talking about my personal life in English class is weird.
However, I realize that it is helpful to accept western culture while learning English. Also, I need to learn this skill if I want to talk to somebody in English as I would talk to a good friend in my own language. For that reason, I was looking for a good teacher who could also be my good friend. This was my list, requirements and necessary qualities for a good teacher…

  1. A teacher is a trustworthy person.   
  2. The teacher has good intuition.
  3. The teacher is good at explaining English words.
  4. The teacher tells some jokes and notices my jokes….has a good sense of humor.

Anyway, I think these things are the most important for me as to whether I feel like I will be able to fluently speak English some day by taking that teacher’s English class. And also I thought, “what kind of students does a teacher want to teach?” And I asked my teacher to think about it…My teacher replied with some necessary conditions for good students:

  1. A student who is interesting
  2. A student who is serious about learning but still able to have fun.
  3. A student who is passionate about something…especially if that thing is learning English!
  4. A student who doesn’t mind I drink a beer during class!

Although I am a quite picky learner, I should be a nice student if I want my English classes to be productive. Anyway, I hope to be diligent and also hope my teacher notices my jokes one day. 😀

Comment(Not corrected):
No.4…..OK, I will drink beer, as well.😊

New words:
screwy = not straight or something is not right
as to = relating to, regarding
be diligent = try hard