Picky learner 1: Taking the road less traveled


It takes a long time to develop a language skill. Especially since English and Japanese are completely different. I’ve sometimes heard that we need to study about 3000 hours to become good at English. In my case, I studied English for about 1000 hours in school. It means if I want to be proficient, I would need to study English at least 2000 hours or more. But I’ve already forgotten a lot of what I studied in school. I think I need to study at least 2500 or maybe 3000 hours to get my English skills to where I want them to be.
To reach that goal, I will need to study about 90min a day, which will take until the end of 2018. It’s about 2 years…🤔 

By the way, I couldn’t swim at all until 25 years old. I was very athletic, though. I remember one bad day, when I was around 11 years old, when I was a reluctant swimmer in a relay race in school. I had been practicing swimming for weeks up to the day of the race, but I couldn’t get it. I really wanted to be absent from school that day!  But I wasn’t, and could only finish my leg of the race by stopping and standing over and over during my 25 meter swim.

Many years later, I wanted to go to a beautiful beach and experience the undersea world by snorkeling. And then I decided to go to swimming school, which took about 1 year, and I went to the pool for about 1 hour a day, a few days a week after work. Finally, I learned 3 types of swimming strokes, and then went to the beach and snorkeled. I saw a different world and had a lot of fun. I’m still not a good swimmer, though.

So, even if my English improves a lot, I think I will not speak English like a native speaker. But I hope to see a new, interesting world and have fun.

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

New words( Not corrected):
reluctant ← When I didn’t really want to do, but I did it.
against I will ← No, I’m quit school.
leg = one part of a race
freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke
static = not moving, changing
compound sentences =  two sentences into one, more than one idea