Holiday means: I stuff myself with a ton of carbs

I ate a “nori-maki” (o-mochi rolled in seaweed) for breakfast. It was very simple, I only put it a little soy sauce on it.  But it can be made even more delicious by making a mixture of a little sugar and soy sauce.

The other day, I ate a kinako-mochi for a snack at 3 pm. This is a type of Japanese sweets. It is boiled o-mochi covered with mixed kinako, sugar and a little salt. Kinako is roasted soybean flour. 

When I was a child I love it, and ate it for breakfast, lunch and for snacks in winter. But I hear o-mochi can get stuck in your throat very rarely, so especially, senior citizens have to eat carefully.
O-moti is differently shaped depending on the area of Japan where it is made. Roughly speaking, in eastern Japan it is rectangular and in western Japan it is circular. But the taste is the same.

I ate a lot of carbs during the New Years holiday. I’m afraid to I weigh myself.😅

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