New Year’s resolutions 2017

My New Year’s resolutions 2017
-1. Keep my weight at 🙂 Kg, plus or minus 2.5 Kg.
-2. Post over 50 blogs on ‘How to speak “Em”erican’.
-3. Make a good friend using English, I wish he or she will be one of my best friends.
-4. Read over 4 books in English on my Kindle.
-5. Take an English examination
-6.Think about my next adventure

New Year’s resolutions 2017, regarding English by Teacher X
-1. Master subject – verb agreement
-2. Master using articles (direct and indirect)
-3. Listening comprehension = 75%
-4. Increase vocabulary
-5. Pass English exam
-6. Travel to English speaking country and survive using only English

I think my teacher hit the nail on the head with the above resolutions. I wanted to accomplish all of these in 2016, but I couldn’t. This upcoming year I’ll do my best, but before I start let me make a few excuses….It’s quite difficult for me because…

-1. In the Japanese language, verbs don’t change if the subject is different. In the first place, we don’t often use subjects in our sentences. The grammar rules are so different.
-2. My language has NO articles.
-3. In general, I think I understand under 50% of the English I listen to. I understand 75% or more of what my teacher says. But regarding movies, it’s quite tough for me.
-4. That’s right, I need more vocabulary.
-5. Oh, nooo! I shouldn’t have told my teacher about the English exam. It’s surprising that my teacher is stricter than I am on myself with this resolution.
 -6. Honestly, although I really want to do this, I don’t have the courage or confidence. If I pass the English exam, I will go without any friends who have better English skills than me.

I need to study hard to get through 1 to 5. And regarding 6, It’s an exciting event, I should think what to do for my next adventure😀  Maybe I’ll think about it while I’m studying English!
I wonder if I should say “I’ll get it down!”
…Anyway, Happy New Year!  🎉   

New words:
hit the nail on the head = what someone has said is exactly right

accomplish = achieve
it’s your funeral. = spoken used to warn someone that they, and no one else, must deal with the results of their actions
I’ll try my best. < I’ll do my best. < I’ll get it down.

New Year’s Eve 2016
I went to the Chi-on-in in Kyoto on New Year’s Eve. I sometimes go this temple on New Year’s Eve. Because it has a unique event. Some Monks ring a huge bell 108 times. Besides, we can see it for free. We usually have to wait to see about 1 hours or more, though.

Why are temple bells are rung 108 times on New Yer’s Eve?
Because the ringing of the bell symbolizes the casting away of 108 earthly desires, or bonnou, and each sounding of the bell erases one of your 108 bonnou so that you can start the New Year feeling refreshed.
I’m not sure it’s true or not, though. 😅


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