Greatest hits 2016

The 3 best things which happened to me in 2016
3. I was able to change a bad situation into a great situation.
2. I made this blog and keep writing in English.
1. I have a fantastic teacher.

What was your favorite event this year?


I’m learning using my favorite stuff.

Looking back on my English classes in 2016
I had a lot of good classes in 2016. Sometimes I had a runny nose, my stomach hurt, and I didn’t wear makeup, 🤧 🤢 🤤 etc. And then I learned what I should say in English during these types of events. Although, it was sometimes embarrassing, I was able to ask anything in teacher X’s class. But when adult students learn a language, these things are as important to learn as grammar.

Usually, our classes are during the daytime in my country, I often see the dark night through the teacher’s window. But sometimes, I took a night class in my time. I got up very early at 1 am or 3 am, when it was still dark outside of my window. But it wasn’t so difficult for me, because on the teacher’s side of Skype it looked like an early morning as if I was traveling abroad. And then I saw afternoon light through the window of the teacher’s room, and my teacher showed me outside, as well. At that time, I again knew we were in different times and places. It was so exciting. It felt like a field trip, too!
One class, my teacher ate some cashews. Of course, he knew I was on a diet, but I put up with him eating them. In another class, while drinking from the bottle, he lied to me saying “It’s not beer, just a root beer.”
It’s okay, though, my teacher and I can drink anything during our English class. As long as my teacher can still speak clearly.
Anyway, I enjoyed learning English for the first time this last year.
My English skill has not improved enough. But I understand most of what the teacher says. I don’t reply quickly or in full sentences, though. One day, I want to tell a joke, as well, like teacher X. Thank you for tons of fruitful lessons.

New words:
root beer = kind of soda
vague = not precisely determined
worst thing = very strong, something bad, sick or something

This blog might be the last in 2016. Thank you for visiting my blog so far. I’m grateful for your comments. Sorry that I can’t reply quickly.
Honestly, I can’t read long or difficult sentences yet. I often need a lot of time to read a blog. And then, when I visit your blog, sometimes I give up reading and I don’t leave “Like”.😢   But I want to visit your blogs and enjoy reading them. 🙂