Report card 2016

This is my resolution for 2016, regarding English
1.   Improve my general speaking skills
1-1. Use the correct tense: past, present, future, etc…
1-2. Don’t forget to put the ‘verb’ in a sentence.
1-3. Use correct prepositions.
2.   Answer not in only one word, but using complete sentences.
3.   Improve my listening skills, repeating skills, and using various replies.

Report card by Teacher X
1.   B
1-1. C
1-2. C+
1-3. B
2.   A
3.   B+

Teacher’s comments:
You improved more listening skill than speaking skill. Regarding prepositions, you improved a lot. You never correctly used prepositions before.

I want to score a grade of B or higher in all categories at the end of 2017.
Although I’m embarrassed to post my report card on this blog, I’m learning English and I want to keep improving. And then, I hope that the teachers corrected words (= red characters) on this blog will lessen over the next year. Some day, I hope I will make a good friend using English. 😀



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