Christmas 2016


I love the Christmas season. In Japan, Christmas isn’t a holiday. But this year, it’s on Sunday. December 23rd is a national holiday every year. So I guess some people have a 3 day holiday this year. This season is cold, but there is no snow except in Hokkaido and North of Japan. So I often wish it would snow.

In the past, I have spent Christmas time in USA and England.
In the US, I saw a lot of houses decorated with Christmas illuminations. The street glittered with many lights. I enjoyed it.
In England, I went to a restaurant for Christmas lunch. There were crackers on the table. When we pulled the cracker, there was a small gift and a paper crown in it. I didn’t know how to use the paper crown, but I noticed soon, there were many people wearing it on their heads. It was a paper crown. I put it on my head, as well. It was a lot of fun.👑
Those were two exciting events for Christmas in my life. I want to spend Christmas time in the another country again.

Comment (Not corrected):
I ate and drank a lot. I was buzzed on Christmas eve’s night. I remember to brush my teeth, but I don’t remember when I fell asleep?? …..Today is the Christmas, I won’t drink a lot anymore, but I will eat a lot. I should go on a diet again. 😆
By the way, when I went to a mountain road on Christmas eve, I found a few paw prints. Is it Reindeers??  …maybe not…
Merry Christmas! 🎉


Reindeer’s print??