Adventure: The snow covered road




I drove my car to a mountain road, the snow was getting piling up, and then in the middle of the road there was a sign saying ‘road closed’. I had to turn back there. But I enjoyed driving.

It’s cold and sometimes snow in winter, but I like this season. When I see snowy, I feel Santa Claus might be somewhere nearby. When I was a child, I didn’t know who Santa was. My parent‘s never told me about him. They might be smart. 🤔
I wish Santa Claus could come to my home. I’m an adult, though. I wonder if I put out a cup of sake and some snacks….. 🍶

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I learned in this class that Santa lives in the North Pole. 😮
Did you know that??

New words:
snowy = adjective of snow
snow = verb and noun