Kindle my fire


Finally, I bought a Kindle Paperwhite 32GB Manga model for 48% off on Amazon on Cyber Monday which was from 6th to 12 Dec 2016 in Japan. This Paperwhite Manga model might sell only in Japan, for now. I guess many Japanese like to read Manga (= comics)  more than people other countries, so Amazon Japan started to sell this model in Japan. It’s more expensive  (2000 yen or $18) than Paperwhite, but it has 8 times more GB. Actually, I wanted to get a Kindle fire HD8, as well. I couldn’t make up my mind between the Kindle Paperwhite or Fire HD8. I thought why do I need to get a Kindle? I wanted to get it to read and study many books in English. If I get a Fire, I think I would watch Amazon videos more than would read books. And I decided on this paperwhite after Amazon started to sell this Manga model in Japan.

Anyway, I‘ve been using this kindle a few days so far. The best point for me is “word-wise” for me. It shows a description for difficult words that I can see anytime. The description is written in small print above the word. So if there are many unknown words in the text, I don’t need to open the dictionary every time. Besides, if I know most of the words in the text, I can change the setting to describe fewer words.

The book that I read on the kindle for the first time is “The Walking Dead 1”.  This is a graphic novel, which on the Kindle I can view by page or by each individual frame. I’m not a comics fan at all, but If there are some interesting comics in English, it’s a good way for me to improve my language skills. The pictures might help me to better understand the written words. Anyway, I want to read a lot of books in English. But I wonder can I do it? 🤔

New words:
(   ) = Parentheses
graphic novel = Manga