My breakdown adventure



We took the highway to go back home. Along the way, I wanted to buy a cup of coffee. So we stopped at a highway rest area. We parked and turned off the engine, but at that moment the car in front of us moved so I decided to take the better spot. However, when I tried to restart the engine, nothing happened. We couldn’t use anything. It was a rainy, late afternoon. Luckily I had insurance with roadside assistance. We called them and they sent out a mechanic. The mechanic got to us in about 40 minutes. He determined it was a problem with our battery, so he hooked up jumper cables and attempted to recharge it. Our engine started but the immediately shut down again and wouldn’t restart. The battery was deadThe mechanic worked the whole time without an umbrella. He said, “I think you can’t drive this car today.” I was disappointed. He felt bad and helped us by telling us information about the local area and he waited with us until the insurance company found us a hotel.

By that time it was already early evening, and all the car dealerships were closed. Our car was towed on a flatbed truck and we hitched a ride in the cab. I had only my backpack, into which I put some things that I would need for the night.  Actually, I was excited. It was my first time doing this type of thing. The truck was a manual and it also had some equipment that my car doesn’t have. I enjoyed it. He didn’t need to take us to the hotel, but he did. I thought it was good of him and I could see that he was a nice person.

The car dealership opened the next morning. the insurance company called the car dealership and then, the tow company dropped my car off at the dealership. The dealership mechanic changed my battery. We only had to pay the cost of the new battery. We had to take a short train ride from the hotel, but the dealership staff picked us up from the station. They were nice, as well. I was glad because only recently I had spent some time with a person who was not very nice. We drove back home in our car.
I usually drive the middle leg of a trip. And I don’t drive when we reach our destination or when the sun is shining through the windshield into the driver’s eyes. During this trip I drove about 45% of the time. I don’t feel strongly either way about driving, but I’ve never driven alone ver 300km. I want to try it someday.

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Comment(Not corrected):
When I wrote a long correct sentence, teacher X said, “Were you using a cheating program?”  “NO!”😤

New words:
cab = truck
leg = section
breakdown → she broke down crying after failing the test.
mental breakdown = lose control of your mind