A total theater experience: more than just sight


I watched “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themin 3D and MX4D in Roppongi (Tokyo). It was my first time watching a movie with MX4D. It means the seat moves up and down, side to side and tilts front and back. There are four seats connected together. My row had two blocks of four for a total of eight seats. There were several people from other countries in my row.
Lights flashed during the thunderstorm scene, when characters magically moved and disappeared mist and wind flowed by me, my 3D glasses got covered with water drops. And when some bread appeared on screen, I smelled something. It only vaguely smelled of bread though. I so much enjoyed this movie with 3D and MX4D.

By the way, I bought an ice tea and some caramel popcorn to eat during the movie. The concession stand woman handed over the popcorn with a plastic bag. The plastic bag is in case we drop our popcorn when the theater chairs move. But I dropped many popcorns before the movie even started. I cleaned up around myself before I left the theater, though. Maybe I have clumsy fingers! 😅

New words:
vague = of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning
definite = 100%
exaggerated = if something is exaggerated, it is described as better, larger etc than it really is
concession stand = a small business that sells food, drinks, or other things at sports events, theaters etc
Five senses = sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste

Comment(Not corrected):
Next time, I want to watch “Star Wars” with 3D and MX4D.