After lazy holiday


My holiday finished and English class restarted. This holiday was two weeks long. I mainly studied English by myself for my first week assignment. But I was lazy  the second week. I recognized again one of my weak points. I’m bad at studying by myself. I just watched English movies with Japanese subtitles and Youtube in English.

After my holiday, English class started. My teacher’s new room was very interesting. There were a lot of tools woods and a fireplace. I especially like fireplaces. When I looked at the fire, I felt warm and cozy. When I traveled to Scotland a few years ago, I chose a hotel room with a fireplace…but it was a fake electronic fire, and I was disappointed. 😦
Teacher X opened class from a new location and had a fire going in the woodstove one class. I learned many new words: hack saw, hatchet, kindling, etc. Thank you!

During my first class after the holiday, teacher X asked me, “How about your blog?” . I should have written a few new drafts for my blog, I’ve noticed just now.  It’s easy to slack off for days at a time. One day,  I couldn’t leave my sofa, I was covered with a lot of cushions. I felt guilty.  😓   I wonder if I should try to take an English exam.

The season is changing from autumn to winter. Sometimes the days are rainy. I haven’t gone bicycling and  I haven’t hung from a horizontal bar. But I don’t have much sugar, I still eat healthy foods. My weight range is getting narrower than before. I don’t gain too much weight, anymore. So, I won’t stop this diet, it makes it easy to maintain my weight. I want to lose a little bit more weight, though. I think I have to do more exercise. I wonder what should I do to consistently keep exercising, no matter the situation, weather and my physical condition.


4 thoughts on “After lazy holiday

  1. alaves70

    I’m very happy to read a new article of blog of yours. I hope your holiday was good. I ask you if you could contact me by e-mail, my address is : paolok dot magnaghi at gmail dot com. I’d like know about your country and Japanese lifestye. I’m from Italy and my name is Paolo and I’m studying English by myself.

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    1. How to Speak "Em"erican Post author

      Thank you. My English is still terrible. I’m not sure if I can write correct sentences for an email, without my English teacher’s help. But I hope I can send you an email one day in English. Until then, I will sometimes write about my country on my blog, definitely. 🙂


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