Insane?? It’s worth a try.

I’m still eating healthy food. I still go cycling and hanging from the horizontal bar on days without rain. Recently the weather hasn’t been good, though. But I’m losing weight little by little. But vegetables are more expensive now than before. I guess because of rain. I often eat vegetables from other countries. Their prices haven’t increased lately. I buy avocados from Mexico, asparagus from Australia, pumpkin from New Zealand, oranges, grapefruits and broccoli from the U.S., and canned tomatoes and pasta from Italy, and so on. Thank you to all these countries!
And nearby supermarket recently had a sale on onions. There are a lot of onions in my house now. I read a blog about onions lately. I enjoyed it, especially the beautiful picture and the bullet points about onions and their benefits. I‘ve realized again that onions are healthy.

By the way, recently, I tried a new type of physical conditioning while practicing English. Basically it is me talking to myself in English while hanging from the horizontal bar. It might be efficient. So far I’ve only tried it one time. I talked to myself while I was hanging on the horizontal bar, “What am I doing?” and then I quickly dropped. I only lasted a few seconds.
Normally, I can’t make English sentences quickly, and I can’t hang down for a long time, neither. But I will talk to myself using a different English sentence next time. I will continue to practice by talking to myself while on this Autumn break. I have a vacation from English lessons. I want to surprise teacher X after vacation. 😀

New words:
Singular → Plural
Avocado → Avocados
broccoli → broccoli.    “No, broccolis!!  Why???”

bullet points = important, short sentences
internally rotated
horizontal ⇔ vertical

Comment (Not corrected):
If anyone sees me and might think “She’s insane.” I should say it when nobody is around me.
↓ It’s been a while since I’ve eaten salad. I took a picture my breakfast.

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