I was really bowled over

I finally got one of the things that I’ve wanted for a long time. It is called shikki, which is Japanese lacquerware. There are several different shapes, sizes and colors. It is very durable, lasting 10 to 20 years or more, the shop staff explained to me. It’s very expensive for me. I couldn’t decide which to choose. First I chose one bowl from a set of 4 similar bowls. And then I asked the shop staff, “Do you have others of this same type of bowl?” She pulled out from stock everything she had. It was about 10 bowls. But I couldn’t choose one. Because every bowl has a different look, shape and color. She promised me she would obtain more, different in two days. This shop treated me kindly. I went back two days later and, finally, found my favorite. 😀

I think I might stay with this bowl for over 10 years, maybe more. I may have been more careful in choosing it than when I chose my boyfriend and husband. 😅
And I thought where and what will I do in 10 years?


New words:
The word of staff is always singular. Not staffs.
durable = last a  long time
abstract =existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical reality
bowled over  = awed = impressed = awesome
play on words = using words two ways at the same time = pun