Learning Sarcasm: Teacher is funny…not.

I took a few outdoor lessons. I used Skype on my smart phone and earbuds with a mic. I was in front of  Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. This temple is a world heritage site. But I didn’t enter the temple because I like the alleys around the temple more than the temple itself. But I showed a gate a little bit, and we saw what looked to be a monk wearing a hat. The man looked like he prayed and collected money. I have my doubts about him, though. We don’t know if he is a real monk or not. Teacher X told me, “Knock his hat off!” I didn’t understand what he said at first, but I guess he said a joke as usual.
Of course, I didn’t  knock his hat off, but I didn’t give him any money.

After that, I wanted to quickly go to my favorites alleys , but I couldn’t. There were so many people such as junior high school students on a field trip and visitors from around the world. I heard some different languages.
There are a lot of interesting alleysTwo of the alleys have interesting stairways. They are named Ni-nen-zaka and San-nen-zaka. If one trips and falls down on these stairs they will either die in two years for the former and in three years for the latter.
this class, teacher X asked me a lot of questions. I wanted to reply smoothly in English, but I couldn’t. Next time I should gather more information and practice speaking.

For my next lesson, I had an outdoor session from Fushimi-Inari. There are 30,000 shrines in Japan to the god Inari, and this is the main one. This is a popular spot to pray for success in business and also there are a lot of picaresque gates. It was used as a set for the movie Sayuri, as well. There were so many people. I started our session between the first second gatesThe only people around was a couple, who looked American or British. They were smiling at me, I guess they speak English. I was a little bit embarrassed because I was talking to my English teacher using my smart phone and headset, but they might have thought I was talking to myself! 😅  However, I had to speak my English. I had a cheat sheet for this class. I couldn’t explain even common places during my last outdoor session. So I prepared English sentences. I think I may have been a better tour guide than last time.

But the streets were so crowded. Besides, the internet connection was getting worse. I wanted to walk faster. But some guys, speaking my native language, were walking slowly in front of me. Teacher X saw it, too. At that time, he said, “Get out of my way!” And he said it in my language. “Is this correct?” I thought it was a little bit incorrect. I said,”That language is kind of strong, so I can’t say now.”
I guess he said it to me as a joke to bother me. 😤
I want to use jokes and sarcasm in English someday, too.😏  I can learn it in teacher X’s class. As it is now, I’m a sitting duck for these types of jokes. But I’ll get even. 😎

New words:
Knock it off = hit it off, kick it off, fast motion
field trip = Trip to study
garbled = difficult to hear/understand
The audio today was in and out.

for the former = first
for the latter = second, later
picaresque = beautiful, very nice scene

sitting duck = someone who is easy to attack or easy to cheat
get even = to do something unpleasant to someone to punish them for something that they did to you

digression an act of talking about something that is not connected with the main point of what you are saying
= stupid or silly